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  1. Thanks F.U. Murad for your response. I read this yesterday, and as a black female was kind of offended. Actually not kind of, I was offended. I think people should take the time to ask their questions with appropriate language and terms.
  2. its called jacqueline's skincare (70th and park)..she's been written about in a lot of mags and stuff. there was an article about her in new york magazine a few months ago (you can probably find it online). a basic facial cost like $125 I think, which is pretty normal in the city..but she's amazing. i highly recommend her.
  3. I can't believe you live in Manhattan, that's so funny. Honestly it depends on how many extractions you get and the product the facial person uses. I usually get a good amount of extractions, but the redness is gone by the next day. I can recommend an amazing place for you to go if you want. This lady does wonder and knows what she's doing with acne prone skin.
  4. Has anyone used the extra strength version. It has 7% benzoyl peroxide instead of 2.5% (i think that's what in the normal one.) I used the regular one for about 4 years with pretty decent results before it stopped working. So I just got this one, anyone ever try it?
  5. I get facials every two weeks. You will most likely look horrible afterwards, as I do. Hopefully you don't live in Manhattan like me and have to walk through zillions of people afterwards ) They definitely help me and keep my skin pretty smooth. Just make sure you go to someone who knows what they're doing or else they could really damage your skin.
  6. That's so funny that you were thinking you had a blood clot or something, b/c I was totally thinking the same thing yesterday. I'm sure we're fine, but to be on the safe side I make sure to walk around a lot!
  7. So far, so good for me too. I take mine at 9pm though to help avoid any side effects. Only weird thing I can say so far is the fact that I slept amazing last night after my first pill. Think it had anything to do with it? Do you know if there is suppose to be an initial breakout with this stuff?
  8. thanks, i was really nervous to start it b/c my face just started to look decent. but i have my fingers crossed that this will be a great boost.
  9. I just started toda today too. Actually like 5 minutes ago, so I'll be following your log.
  10. I'm starting ortho tri today, and wanted to know if anybody had any luck on it. Horrible side effects? Initial breakouts? Thanks for any help.
  11. First post for me, but I've been reading others for awhile (and would just like to say thank you guys for giving me hope through all of your posts). I started a new regimen about 3 weeks ago and have had great progress so I finally thought I would share. I was using derm produts with little success (zoderm, triaz, evoclin, benzaclin) and I was ready to ask for the tane, but tried this as my last resort. Ordered treatments from a website and will give info to those who want. Skin totally purged