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  1. Im getting ready to do my at home TCA Peel, and feel comfortable with doing it now after having the kit for over 2 months, but Ive got one question: IF YOU HAVE SOME PIMPLES ON YOUR FACE RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT, IS IT STILL OKAY TO APPLY IT?? Im figuring it is cos there probably wont be anytime soon when I wont be 100% free from some pimples. Plus, thats what it is for, right??? If anyone has had any experience in doing or having a peel Id love to get any advice I can. Thanks, Gudi
  2. Hi, I finally got it all down, with thanks to your reply back to me, and the 5mil was on the money..the vials were a teaspoon Thanks for taking time out to answer, Gudi
  3. Okay, so lemme see if I got this yet: I just looked up that a teaspoon, and it equals 5mil ( I had no clue that that was even a teaspoon :0 ) So, in order to get it to 50% I put a teaspoon of water in it, and then..to get the 50% to 25, I add another thing of water ( 1 tsp )..then to go to 25% to 12.5% I add yet another thing of water.. Is that it??? I sure hope I got it right this time... Gudi
  4. Hi All, Im new here and hoping you guys can help me with this TCA Peel kit I got. Ive written to the seller more times then I can count, and each time she seems to vague for me to be happy. I purchased 2 vials of 100% TCA, and I would like to do a 12.5 % peel, but I just cant get this whole diluting thing down in a manner that makes me comfortable. Ive got with the TCA a paper with instruction, and all seems okay with me, but this is what it said for the dilution..tell me if Im being nutty, bu