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  1. hi everyone! ive been taking 50mg of zinc a day for a about 2 months along with a well rounded and healthy diet and this has pretty much cleared my acne. my question is: is is safe to be taking zinc supplements long term??? i am afraid that that if i stop my acne will return. I know zinc causes copper deficiency and im trying to get good amount of cooper naturally in my diet, but is there other side affects or percautions i should be taking?
  2. hey! a similar thing happened to me except ur case seems to be much worse. After going off the antibiotics i broke out with cystic acne like never before...it was HORRIBLE. on top of it i got asthma problems, and yeast infection in my mouth (eww!). The antibiotics make me loose sooo much weight and i am already pretty skinny. I could put any food in my mouth without feeling like i need to puke. honestly doctors these days are so horrible it is really dissapointing...i would recomend you go t
  3. ok so this is all very interesting cus i have problems with oily skin. I have heard that jojoba oil reduces oil production because it mimicks skins own sebum or something like that...what is your take on that?
  4. hi everyone, ive been on tazorac for about 4 months now....and wow it broke me out really bad...like scary acne and cystic like ive never had before. mostly on my temples cheeks, jaw line, underneath my jaw line and side of my face. i was really hoping that it was the initial IB and told myself to stick it thru.. but like i said its been 4 months and tho my skin is ALOT better ( not a single white head) i have alot of scars and red marks left....it seems like my skin is clearning up but then
  5. same problem here...i use jojoba oil it works great!
  6. ive been doing the OCM with only jojoba oil and from what im reading castor oil is really important in actually cleanind out the skin.....my problem is i cannot find it anywhere... i live in vancouver canada any ideas where to buy it?
  7. hey everyone! i need desperate help with my makeup especially since ive been using tazorac. my skin seems to be dry and oily at the same time....sucks cus it seems like it makes it impossible to put on makeup properly. anny one else have this problem? when i use power i dont get enuf coverage but putting on liquid foundation is impossible cus my skin is all blotchy and peely even if i moisturize ALOT. any advice on how i should deal with this andd what kind of makeup i shoould get? i hea
  8. hey guys....i dont know if uve heard of this device called tanda...well my moms friend has it and she gave it to me to try, pretty much its like blue light therapy anad it suppose to kill acne bacteria without irritating ur skin....it cost $300 dollars but might be worth it in the long run....my question is is it safe to use it with a retinoid? *(im currently on tazorac 0.05 )
  9. hey there! i think its really good thing that ur thinking seriously about this because when it comes down to it the doctors arent always concerned with ur long term health....i took mino for almost a year and by the end of it i grew resistant.....not only that it caused me to loose my appetite to the point where i would eat anything for weeks and when tired to eat i felt like puking....it also gave me asthma and also felt very weak all the time. Previosly i was super active and energetic perso
  10. Thanks for all of the input. Funny thing is, after I posted this I woke up the next morning with a huge white head on my cheek! Im starting to feel like im loosing my mind! I only use a thin amount of Taz on my face and it really just doesn't seem to be kickin in. As far as tea tree oil, how do you incorporate it into your regimen? Wash and apply? Or is it something to be used with the Taz? I mean, having been on taz has anyone experienced GREAT results? I'm talking fully clear skin? Thanks a
  11. hey i noticed that ur using retin a. i use tazorac and while ur on any type of retinoid ur skin is extra sensitive because the medication thins it out. thinking about that helps me not touch my skin because i know if i mess with it ill get so much worse...also try writing it down on a sticky and putting in on ur mirror thatway every time u look in the mirror ill remind you. i know its easier said than done, but believe me my skin is so much better since i stopped picking and popping every pi
  12. hey, hang in there, i know what you mean when u say its difficulte to see people, someitmes i would even hid from my friends cus i was so embarrassed. Its good to see ur taking an antibiotic , maybe also a topical one as well as bp if that not to irratating. after couple months you should be able to dropped them and sticke wsith the taz. Unfortunately all retinoids have IB and im still going thru mine , it can be quite scary. I neve had acne like this and its cystic too. hopefully in the en
  13. thanks lgrodrig! exactly how long did it take u? its been 15 weeks and ppl say 12 weeks to be clear....taz seems to be giving me cystic acne in places ive never had it before....and im gettn sum scars....i dont want to keep on goin if it wont work in the long run....but i dont wanna quit now if im soo close to the end. also are u talking anything else? and do u continue to use tazorac now that ur clear? One1: tazorac has cleareed up my forehead pretty well and for most part my chin. but i
  14. soo hows everyone doin on the tazorac?....its been more than 3 months for me and i dont know wut to think....the front part of my face is completely clear (not even one white head) but the sides are pretty bad....im getting cyctic acne on the sides of my cheeks which i never had like red bumps that just stay for a week or so then go slowing go away. im getting sum scaring too so im pretty scared if this keeps up. I have also added tea tree oil to my regime ( im allergic to bp) to kill the bac
  15. roxy1

    My Personal Log.

    I stopped the mino after about a month and continued with the stievamycin. I stayed totally clear for about 9 months....but i think it was either stress or homones or it stopped working cus my acne came back even worse. NOw im using tazorac and tea tree and aspirin masks and just have mostly red marks left. HOnestly my acne is extremely stubborn, so hopefully ull get perminent results...just keep on using the gel