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    Riding and racing bikes(motor!)<br /> Reading.<br /> Music.<br /> Keepimg in good shape.<br /> Travelling.
  1. Thanks Dannie, Sounds like another worthless product. But at least i know.......Cheers
  2. Thanks Nikkifuri.. Not sure wether to try it or not......hmmmmmmmmmmmm...decisions decisions..lol Though your..doesnt do anything remark pretty much makes my mind up.
  3. Hey all, Has anybody used this product...and if so what are your thoughts on it? Thanks for dropping in,and commenting Face Doctor Testimonials.
  4. Not as sophisticated as anything subliminal Marv.. It' the texture of the moon. The craters.
  5. Hi Rightok, I can't lie and say it NEVER gets me down,but 90% of the time,i am genuinely happy. Though it's taken time,and a little searching to get to this point. There were times when I'd mope,and allow miserys invitation to keep it's company..These days however,I focus on what i enjoy in life..And when you hold peoples gaze,their eye contact,you'll see that they're not thinking badly of you,they're talking to you...simple as that. And on the days when i have a big red f**k off spot,and
  6. Welcome, and nice one for posting... 'Fraid my msn is kaput at the minute.. But you're in the right place my friend... There's thousands of people,whose company you're now in that know how you feel...and while that in itself is some solace..knowing you're not alone,the real help will come from the knowledge which you'll gain from the users here. And the beauty of posting on a forum is that you never feel embarrassed.. Speak freely,and get things off you shoulders...Carrying too much
  7. Hey snus... I hope that you're weekend goes well....Wow you're sisters friends with enough charm and no one will remember you for any other reason than being the great sister. Chuck Norris is a demi god...lol.. He also goes by the name....80's cheesy action film star,and 90's T.V star. Any Chuck fans should Check out the link ...(and I'm pretty sure all facts are 100% true..lol) Chuck facts
  8. Just wanted to say hello! I hope that everything works out well for you, I only found this site last week,and have found it to be very useful...Though I guess I'm preaching to the converted
  9. Hey all........... I've not tried this product...but i went to the site,after seeing this thread,and if you live in the U.K you can send for a free sample. I think the P&P is £2.75. I've sent for it,not sure wether to try it or not now though!!
  10. Hey RSXBOI... Only a thought,but try the training,without the steamroom sesions afterward. The steam causes some people to break out,and if you're doing after each weights session,maybe thats the cause? Sauna and steam Q&A for problem skin.ai_98594233 Hope this link will help a little... I've trained for a good while,with no effect on my skin..Though i never steam,as i saw this was causing me a problem.
  11. Hey Mike... This may not work as well for you,but i used to burn off the razor untill i started using an oil as well as my shaving gel. I use king of shaves...drop it on...then apply my gel....and no more burns. I also slap on some good quality after shave lotion around my neck. Hope this helps a little.
  12. Hey KJ .. Life is a real kick in the stomach at times aint it? Part of the rollercoaster we keep being told we're on i guess. Well if we really are on a rollercoaster,then the lows are just a way of getting back up to the highs...Those long ascents toward the top,when everything is just as it should be. And by starting the accutane,the climb up's begun It'll just take a little time and a lot of patience,but like anything worthwhile,will be well worth the wait. I know things
  13. Nicely said Dami3n.. I know when you read these things,a lot of peoples first thoughts are......easily said....walk a mile in my shoes..etc... But when you're alone.....you're happy,right? When there's no eyes looking on at you with expectations you feel you cant meet, You're happy.So it's the people around you that cause the anxiety. The real irony there is...by deciding that those people are judging you on your looks alone.....aren't we really falling into the same category,by making
  14. Saying that talking to guys comes so easily is because you feel you have no expectations to meet.... Whereas talking to a pretty girl,you're only thinking(be honest) phwooooooooooar!!!!! Now all of a sudden,everyday chatting can't be enough...can it? She's way to sweet to care about something that trivial...I need to say something that'll impact..make her think I'm all that she thinks i am. One of my best friends is a stunning looking woman,and believe me..looks are what your'e bo
  15. Been taking protein supplements for a good while Johnjoz,with no problems. I have read that protein can encourage healing of you skin along with your muscle fibres...though can't say personally that it has..lol.