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  1. Anyway, I suppose I did not formulate the question right. I did not have dermabrasion. Since some people that have olive skin tone and have acne scars also have PIH, patches of hyperpigmentation I was wondering if the hyper went away with dermabrasion and if the colour came back even again. I already had microdermabrasion, tca peels and topicals and it made it worse. Since the dermabrasion is removing the melanocytes on basal layer and new melanocytes migrate to the basal layer from hair follicl
  2. I want to ask questions to people that had dermabrasion for their scarring. Anyway my concern is the whole face hyperpigmentation that came from treatments and never went away. Did anyone do dermabrasion for scars and had bad hyper (wide spread) on top of it. When the color came back did the hyper come back also or did the color come back even? I am talking about yearlong hyperpigmentation and very large patches. I am very scared that if I do the derma that it will get worse or something. I have
  3. Hi Michael, I am wondering, where exactly is/ was your hyperpigmentation? Is it all gone? If it is, can you please post later on if it came back or even came back worse?
  4. Goodness Michael, Fresh Ginger? Dont throw all that money away.... Let the recell do its job. No alkohol, no parfum on skin, no rubbing, no scrubbing,for next 6 month. even if the skin looks healed it actually is not. I know you obviously had alot of treatments but treat your skin as if it was your own baby's life. My advice ( don't we love to give them?) Try to get some 99% Aloe Vera Gel from the health store and use a good sunblock. No unnesesarry experiments!!!!!! looking good already!!!!!!
  5. ok dude, you should be in nottingham by now. Don't leave us hanging. and make sure to post how your face is doing long after the treatment. The other guys don't even come on this site anymore. just because they are obviously relieved that doesn't mean other people are not suffering anymore. I am really interested in your outcome of the hyperpigmentation. If it comes back, if it goes away, if you tan evenly after you are allowed back into the sun ect, ect.. We already know the outcomes more or l
  6. As far as i know the best way to control the oil glands is botox injections. It works just as well as controlling swaet glands when people over perspirate. This treatment does not seem to be as wide spread here in the States. It seems to be more common in Europe. I saw a report on german TV. The doctor used diluted botox.
  7. I would be carefull with birth control pills they are widely known to cause melasma. II would not risk it, for acne. Unless you stay out of the sun completely. IUDs are better when it comes to birth control.
  8. I have to use cetaphil cause of my melasma. I don't use toner cause of it either. Any cleanser you feel comfortable with is fine. Toner is fine too. I just have to be very carefull now cause anything can aggravate my skin. I also got of the weekly scrub , cause all it does is agravate the skin and spread the bacteria. There are enzyme masks that can be done once a week. It does the same thing in a gentle way. I want to say one thing about toner, too. Most toners have a high alkohol content that
  9. Hi guys, I am new to this forum. I signed up because i know how bad the life long battle with acne is. I want to help especially the younfer people that do not yet have scars or melasma from acne. Because once you have this, you are doomed. If anyone would of given me the info I am giving you now, I would not be in such misery. Anyway I am 44, female and finaly found what really helps acne, in severe cases makes it better. You can a 100% trust what I have to say, I am not doing any advertising,