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  1. my skin isnt too bad, ill post a pic after i get home today
  2. did accutane help, my acne isnt too bad.
  3. haha yeah thanks! your right, are you in college now? if so where do you go?
  4. thanks guys! all good replies. I dont think i have too much to worry about
  5. Hey guys, i use duac and tazorac topicals and i heard that i only need the duac, anyone have any experience with this?
  6. well i feel i can pretty much keep my acne under control, i just use topicals and night. Im just worried about whether kids actually care IE your room mate. And what about when u have girls sleep over in your dorm do you just not use the creams that one night?
  7. Hey guys, im 18 and going to be going to college in boston next year. I was wondering how everyone delt with acne during college. I just hate waking up with dry skin or wearing those smelly creams around people. How do you guys do it? Any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your contributions.
  8. any one have any experience with college?
  9. actually no i dont, all i use now is topicals at night and sometimes that proactiv thing before i go to bed. Somedays its good like in that pic, but others it kind of sucks. The only thing that really bothers me is the oily-ness. My face never used to be that oily. Any of you guys in college? I have college next year and im worried about using those gels with a room-mate. Somedays i wake up with really dry skin and im hoping that its possible to conceal that. Idk i want to be able to spen
  10. thats a good day, not usually like that
  11. Hey i have a question, Would accutane totally solve my moderate acne? Is it worth it, ill post a pic let me know what you think http://photobucket.com/albums/e140/jram766...8thB-Day007.jpg