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  1. Hello guys! Can you tell me if Epiduo has worked on your acne red marks?
  2. OhMyLily

    Acne Marks

    It's been a year since i have those marks, i still have a few zits but not too dramatic. Did you try something that made your marks / hyper pigmentation go away? Please help :(
  3. it didn't work for me - or just temporarily i took it and after 3 months my skin was perfect then i stopped it and my skin was back with horrible acne for me, what really works is the hormonal pill :3
  4. why would you take accutane of tetralysal cleared your acne,
  5. i was taking the tetralysal 300 for 3 months, my skin was so clear like wonderful but when i stopped, my acne returned i think it stops acne but only temporarily
  6. you should dilute with 50% water or it's gonna harm your skin
  7. you can try both lemon and acv + 50 to 70% of green tea it won't smell nor burn
  8. Hi everyobody! It's been a year since i have theses acne marks / hyper pigmentation (please see below) so i would like to ask you if you know some remedy for it or if you know how long i have to wait for it to be gone Thank you so much! My regime: Tetralysal 300mg for acne + Epiduo every night + i've just started some homemade lotion (ACV, lemon, tea) every night + Bio Oil every night. I'm also doing masks with lemon, ACV and honey Thank you very much for your concern, i'm struggling w