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  1. Hello, I am using Benzoyl peroxide about once a week and 2% salicylic acid every night apart from when I apply the BP. My acne has undoubtedly improved since I completely overhauled all my skincare products, however I'm finding that the days following my BP application, I get a layer of peeling skin on my face, and combined with wearing make-up, starts to look completely awful towards the end of the day. The make-up just clings to the peeling skin and looks awful. I don't feel like my skin i
  2. CeraVe moisturising lotion. The 12oz one is still cheap for me and I have to ship it from America to the uk.
  3. This happened to me after I stopped taking erythromycin about a year ago. I suddenly got lots of large painful spots under my chin and on my neck. Previously it was just on my chin and around my nose and on the side of my cheeks. Not sure why
  4. I am really strongly advising not putting bio oil on your face, it's extremely fragranced and has a lot of essential oil in it that could potentially be irritating. It's also very greasy feeling. I am new to Paulas Choice too but my skin has really been improving I think due to some of her products as well as starting Benzoyl Peroxide gel. Use a gentle cheap cleanser, make sure it doesn't have fragrance or alcohol or anything else irritating. All PC products are unfragranced, but I don't lik
  5. I've tried googling this and have had mixed results. I used to use a BHA as my chemical exfoliant but stopped since I started BP 5% (2.5% discontinued here) about a week ago, in case the two ended up really irritating my skin. I am still using the BP once a day (at night) every other day to give my skin time to adjust. My face stings when I apply it and my cheeks become very warm and pink the day after applying but apart from that I am seeing/feeling no visible peeling or dryness to the skin
  6. I only drink water really, I can't stand fizzy drinks and fresh fruit juices make me feel like I'm damaging my teeth. As for sweets I love chocolate like most people but especially cake of any kind. I have read about baking with coconut flour so that could be an option. Today I made chocolate out of coconut oil, cocoa and honey. They were damn good and I ended up eating less than I usually would (about 2 pieces) with normal chocolate or candy because they were so rich. Obviously honey is st
  7. Nice moisturiser :)

    Not greasy feeling Doesn't leave oily barrier on skin Not available in the UK so expensive to ship A tiny bit stingy on my acne Small bottle This is a very nice moisturiser, I find that when applied it doesn't leave a greasy feeling oily barrier on the surface of the skin, it sinks in quite fast and leaves skin feeling smooth and healthy. It is nice that there is more than just emollients in the formulation too. However I live in the UK so I have to buy it from Amazon and shipping m
  8. Didn't work

    Didn't improve anything I tried this for a few months and it didn't improve anything in terms of my acne.
  9. Avoid

    Worked SLIGHTLY for a limited period of time Very drying Made skin more oily/greasy Zineryt is a topical solution, it comes in a small bottle with a mesh/sponge applicator similar to one which you might find on a glue pen. Inside the packaging there is powder and a small tub of solvent, which the pharmacist usually mixed up for me. The active ingredients are erythromycin and zinc acetate, I am not sure exactly what was in the solvent but the mixture smelt very strongly of alcohol, w
  10. eveum

    Did Nothing For Me.

    Did Nothing For Me.

    Didn't improve acne I was prescribed erythromycin and it basically did nothing, It was a while ago so I can't say if it made it worse but I definitely didn't see an improvement. I used it for a few months before stopping, in that time I could have been trying something effective.
  11. I'm planning on using it only once a day, thank you for the advice.
  12. I'm doing it more for my general health to be honest. The fact that I ate a whole cake in one sitting the other day without thinking much of it is quite worrying to me. Eating multiple forms of dairy in one day makes me feel sick, and I don't actively avoid it I just don't like it that much, cheese and milk have never really appealed to me. I know my skin and general health could be better so that's why I'm trying this Thank you for the advice.
  13. They don't make foundations pale enough I tried NW10 studio fix and it's a more peachy and not as pale as I'm used to. I'm guessing because I have cool undertones, it also settled into my pores and looked awful. I'm going to try and return it tomorrow, luckily they gave me a sample so I haven't even opened the full sized product.
  14. You really should use sunscreen, try a mineral/physical sunscreen if you're apprehensive about chemical ones, they're more effective and they're more suited for sensitive skin.
  15. But surely the benefits of eating fruit as a whole food outweighs the negatives. Fibre, vitamins, antioxidants, plus I can't face the idea of not consuming anything sweet at all.