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  1. Liam3001

    Works fast!!

    Works fast!!

    Works fast 2-3 days for visible improvements Not sure about long term acne use Some side effects mainly upset stomach I haven't been put on Amoxicillin for acne but within 3 days of taking the antibiotic my skin has started to clear up massively, on my face my back & chest with no new spots breaking out and the old ones are fading and having time to heal without still being infected. Can't believe it has worked so fast! I've been on amoxicillin in the past for tooth infections and also saw b
  2. I started taking this medication last week and my acne has gotton steadily worse despite having been using Aknemycin for the last 3 weeks for my already bad enough acne! My face was starting to clear up nicely but now it looks awful. I'm going to stop taking Quetiapine (seroquel) No way am I going to take something that actually has side effects of making acne worse. Does anyone know if the side effects will wear off in time?
  3. Into my 3rd day now using the Aknemycin, my skin is quite dry and flaky in places but it seems to be doing a half decent job of drying up the spots I had and there is a few new ones forming but this could be the initial purging and it may get worse before it gets better (hopefully) which is common with such teatments. It's easy to apply with good control over how much solution gets dispensed, it stings for a few minutes after application but doesn't last long before calming down.
  4. The trouble with antibiotics is the acne bacteria will become resistant to them over time. I was taking amoxicillin a few years ago for a tooth infection and I noticed my acne cleared up within days, so they do work for some people.
  5. Has anyone tried this Acnecide 5% BP gel? Any good? http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/Acnecide-Gel.html#.Uxt4EPl_tUA
  6. Hi I've started using Aknemycin (today) so I thought I'd make a thread and update with my progress. The solution contains erythromycin 4% and tretinoin 0.25% and comes in a 25ml bottle with an applicator pad which is activated when pressed down onto the skin. Its the first time I've used this product so I'm not sure how long it will take to have an affect, if any! I'll use it for a month and give it time to see if any beneficial affects will come from using it. I applied it this mornin
  7. Hi everyone, just signed up to the forum. I have suffered acne since I was about 13 and at times the breakouts have been severe, on my face, neck chest and back and I have very oily skin and lots of blackheads. I'm now 31 going on 32 and still living with moderate/severe acne. I suffer from anxiety and have serious confidence and self esteem issues along with depression which I am sure that acne is the route cause, sometimes I don't want to leave the house and I've taken sick days from work