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  1. do you know what anitbiotics are? google it, they arent good for you for the long long long run, ive been one them for almost a year on and off because of the damn winter breakouts, and i love my minocycline, its great, takes two weeks to start to show for me, after around 6 months though, my body became immune to it and it stopped working, then i was upped to 100mg, again this will happen, your immune system will keep building up tolerance, then you will have to up your dosage, they are not nee
  2. fuck it, last saturday i went on a splurge and ate like a whole thing of brownies, when im on my minocycline, nothing happens
  3. go to bodybuilding.com and go to their forums, awesome support, and great info
  4. differin sucks, duac rocks, to reduce red marks i just lay off my duac or in your case differin, the bp makes them last longer
  5. i had that same type and was put on minocycline 50mg and within 2 weeks was clear, i loved it, after like a year though, i became imune, and ogt mmore zits, most likely due to the "fall breakout" time, so i was upped to 100mg and im almost clear except for twp or three, and some red marks
  6. fuck counting calories, i eat, and i love it
  7. mine says it, and all that good stuff, it works great, just feels greasy for me
  8. What does everyone use around here? i use this neutrogena acne mark fading peel, oh my i love it, it smells funny but gives a nice tingling sensation and when you take it off, your skin is silky smooth
  9. i could be wrong, maybe it doesnt have copper, all i know is that my derm sayed any excess would be pissed out
  10. i take ith, its called nicomide, it has zinc and copper and all that good stuff, its completely safe, i got it through prescription from my derm. any excess or unused vitamin is just pissed out. it definetly helps with inflamation and scars
  11. Bingo! i <3 the summer, im going to florida on the 13th to the 23rd
  12. ya, i have mild to moderate acne and it was gone but then i became immune to it so it was upped to 100mg and i see results after a week but wanted to know when to see maximum results, thanks
  13. Hey last week o n thursday i had my minocycline upped to 100mg, when should i notice the acne to get under control again?