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  1. I totally agree. I used it for two months and it did absolutely nothing. It even created a scar on my friend's nose, and she had perfect skin before. It kind of burnt it and left a hole. Before I ordered Elicina, I was telling people about it...they couldn't believe I was shipping snail slime out from America to Australia...and were very cynical. I can't believe what an idiot I was. At one stage I was so desperate for it, and was impatient about the two weeks it would take to get it to Australia
  2. I put 'Anti-Wrinkle Smoother' in the search engine. It came up with wrinkle creams...but not a temporary line eraser. I am in Australia. Does anyone know of an anti-wrinkle smoother offered from the major cosmetic companies? ie Clinique, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden or whatever... I won't be able to get an obscure American brand here.
  3. What is mandelic acid? Is it for rolling/indented scars? Where can I get it? How much is it? You know how when you put egg white on your scars and all of the skin is stretched to the surface and they disappear, I wish some chemistry student with acne scarring could invent a similar, transparent and long lasting product. I'm sure it is possible. Women can put it on before make-up, men just dab it on and leave it (or vice versa if that's what you do). I wonder if many breakthroughs will take
  4. Hi I am from Melbourne Australia. Can anyone tell me anything about Dr Goodman? Do you have a website or number? Do you know what suburb he is in? Thank you so much!!
  5. Try just egg yolk as a mask for a month. Keep it on for 15 minutes. I think it is an Indian treatment for getting rid of acne. (You can't miss a day...it is like a vitamin capsule for the skin.) Whenever I use it, my skin is silky smooth, but I've never been disciplined about using it for a month, because I don't have active acne. I do have some scarring though. I used to go to sleep with egg white on my scars, because I thought it may help. It tightens the skin so much, that the scars disap
  6. Yes, that is right. You separate the yolk and the white. You can use the yolk as a mask first. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. You will notice a great improvement in your skin after it. Then use the egg white. Smear it all over and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It will dry after about 5 minutes...you won't be able to smile or move your face it will be so stiff. (And for those 15 minutes...you will be scar free.)
  7. For anyone with scars, if you've ever tried an egg white mask, you'll see that as it dries, it tightens your skin so much that it's perfectly smooth. Do you think that sleeping with this (just on the scars though) will help? i.e. if skin is stretched into its ideal state, will it train skin to stay like that...or will it, in some way, make your scars deeper. I'd like to try it for a month, although am still trying the vinegar thing... It's hard to know which to do. Also, egg yolk as a mask
  8. Oh, also look at www.rawandjuicy.com By the way, has anyone used egg white and egg yolk? I read somewhere that egg yolk as a mask for 15 minutes a day for a month will cure acne, and the white will help with scars. Whenever I use egg masks, my skin also looks great.
  9. My skin is definitely improving. I don't know if it's the vinegar or the Bio-Oil. I also try to eat a predominantly raw food diet, which heals the body from within...although I still eat some cooked food. www.rawfood.com www.living-foods.com www.shazzie.com www.racytraci.com www.alissacohen.com
  10. Hi all. Has anyone used egg white as a mask? If so, you may notice that it tightens skin so much that any indentations are pulled up to the surface. Do you think that sleeping with it on scars (which means 8 hrs with smooth skin) will improve the appearance of scars, or will be detrimental. It dries clear, but with a bit of a whitish tinge. If only dermatologist came up with a similar product which dried clear and you could use under make-up...they'd make a fortune. Also, has anyone trie