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  1. well its been about a week that i've used it. I love it. It is very gentle and calming for my skin. It does help with oil control a little too. I've been really lazy with my BP at nights and forgot to put it on for the first 3 nights and went to bed even without washing but used the SA in the morning and my skin only had some mild small breakouts that didn't even hurt. They went away fast. Now i've been consistent for 3 nights of BA and AHA and SA and AHA every morning and my skin is really clea
  2. i just got mine today. So far i really like it. It is very moisturizing but not greasy at all, even less greasy then the aha. I'm excited about the oil reducer in it. I usually get a little too oily after about 4 hours. It feels great on and has a light smell that doesn't bother me and goes away fast. i'll keep you updated.
  3. mr lumiport guy or any other lumiport users. i went to go charge my pen yesterday and it is flashing red on the charger. i can't seem to find my manual and my pen won't turn on now. what does this mean
  4. okay i have been doing acv for about a month and my texture and tone of my skin is great. my oil production is less and i have not had one pimple in over 4 weeks even going through finals. normally i have 1 pimple every two weeks on dans regimen. my darks spots have faded faster and my scars maybe improved 30% i am still doing dans method on top of this. i am today stopping bp and just doing acv only on my face to see if i still do not break out. i am concerned with the not healing fast while be
  5. trying out the baby oil trick tonight. here is one of my personal inventions. i am always warm and perspire very easily especially during the summer. to keep my forehead matte and dry i use a little bit of clear unscented Mitchum deodorant on my forehead to prevent it from getting shiny. it works great especially if you are going to go out and know you are going to dance at night. i have a separate deodorant for my face now. i've never broken out from it and i actually have a theory i brake ou
  6. thanks to everyone who recommended complex 15. good stuff. my skins tends to get oily a few hours into my day but this prevents that from happening. its very matte. just wish it had a sunscreen in it.
  7. u can try a store called ulta. i went into one in LA and i found two bottles and bought them both. gonna try another location to see if they have more. probably try to pick up maybe two more bottles.
  8. So i tried taking the B5 first off i was so lethargic and depressed i was worried that i needed therapy until i realized it was the B5. second off i don't know if it is exactly related but i took it for two weeks and for those two weeks my chiropracter was unable to crack my mid lower back which he has always been able to before. he was asking me questions about my kidneys and urination and if anything was different. he said that the lower mid back will often tighten up when there could be kid