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  1. Well, Tuesday is the day I go to my new dermatologist. And wouldn't you know that the weirdest thing has happened - I haven't used ANY product on my face since the falling out with my last dermatologist (about 2+ weeks), and I haven't done anything that I used to do to not exacerbate the condition (like keeping my hands off my face, changing my pillowcases every few days) - and my skin has completely changed. While the overall condition is worse (not as smooth, more redness) I have no cysts, j
  2. I had this problem too. You might want to try switching to a creme based makeup (I am using the stick version of Revlon Colorstay) since it last longer, I don't have to reapply as much and it hasn't changed colors yet...
  3. Thank you so much for your replies. You have given me a lot of different brands to look into. Here's hoping! I used to use Revlon Colorstay in high school (the coverage was great, I have some pictures where you probably can't even tell that had acne. The only problems I can remember having with it were that I had to use a lot and continually throughout the day to maintain covereage, and sometimes putting on so much felt like too much. I tried dermablend in high school, but it felt more
  4. "Yeah I know thats sad,but it really would make me feel better,and in the end at least I could be content knowing I made them and their families suffer more than I did." Ok, I think you are focusing on the wrong thing. Hurting them really won't make you feel better. And in the end it only hurts you because then you get caught, put in jail or fried and your life was wasted and they win. You kill them, they win. You let them get to you, they win. You let them rile you up, make you angry- t
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Mercer. Violence isn't the answer. I am glad that you chose to write us, instead of take a gun to school and hurt yourself and others. I think you have made the right choice by trying to talk about things. You said yourself that you are happy (or at least can live) with who you are. I remember Junior High and Elementary school. Those were tough tough times. You aren't alone in feeling like it is you against the world, or that the people you are forced to go t
  6. If you use toothpaste, you have to make sure it is paste, not gel. And it doesn't always work- I tried that method years ago to no avail... I haven't yet found a way to handle the pain except for sucking it up. I get those kinds of cysts all the time, so I feel for you.
  7. I never go off meds. Most of the time I was on meds that if you stopped for a couple of days they couldn't be used anymore because your body became resistant to them. But since I am in between dermatologists right now, I figure I can stop all of the prescription meds, and stop the regimen for the next couple of weeks and then go to this new dermatologist with a clean slate (well, for our treatment though probably not my skin). Now I just have to find the perfect full coverage makeup in th
  8. Thank you...I needed that. I got an appointment with a new dermatologist in a couple of weeks. I don't know much about him, but he is the only one in our area that is accepting new patients, so now I'm in the process of seeing if any of my other doctors have heard of him and what they think. I am thinking of swearing off all acne meds until I meet with him- that way he has a clear understanding of the kind of acne I have been living with and what he is up against as a dermatologist. As
  9. I think your skin just needs to get used to the regimen. When I first started using Dan's regimen, my face was red like that for about 2, maybe 2 1/2, weeks. I didn't find a lot that was able to make my face less red- make-up did a pretty good job of toning down some of the redness though. If you don't feel confortable with foundation, than I would suggest you keep your skin well moisturized and just give it time.
  10. I don't know about the vitamin, though I would say you are wasting your $$ and time...what do you know about the BenzaClin?? My derm just tried to prescribe it for me...
  11. I have been going to the same dermatologist for 10+ years, and we have tried everything- about a dozen antibiotics, probably even more than that of topical; we tried to culture the bacteria in my acne. And still the acne persists- that big, apinful nodular acne that has now spread to my back and I am getting smaller acne over my chest. I went to her today to discuss Accutane, which I wasn't even sure I would qualify for since I have some other medical problems. And she wouldn't even discuss