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  1. This has been a crazy year in skin for me! I went from my worst to the best my skin has looked in years. I know my skin is still healing, but with my continued regimen I pray it only gets better. I'm going to keep it short and sweet & let the pics speak for themselves. Please view my previous posts & tell me what you think. Continue to keep me uplifted!
  2. Does anyone know anything about skin purging? I've heard sometimes when starting a new treatment you can break out in the beginning then it will clear up. Give your skin 3 months to see a complete change. How long is purging supposed to last and when does it usually occur?
  3. That's really encouraging! Thank you =) I hope I have finally found my cure!
  4. It's been a long time since I updated you guys! I've added something new to my acne regimen. Here's my new regimen now: (1) Panoxly wash day and night (2) Avar E (day) (3) Epiduo (night) (4) Birth control low dosage (5) Wash with Cuticura soap if I wear makeup So far I've been doing this for about a month and it's been doing pretty good on my skin! I'm really happy but I'm trying not to get overly happy. I want to use it for a while and see how long this will work. I feel so much mo
  5. I would like to get on but my dermatologist told me he doesn't prescribe it so I would have to Go To another Derm. Honestly, I'm kind've scared to Get on. I just hear about a lot of crazy side affects.
  6. So I've been racking my brain and racking my brain for like 2 months now trying to figure out why my skin is breaking out so much worse post college graduation (May 2013). It just dunned on me, MAYBE it's my detergent. In college I had my own washer & dryer and I bought specific detergent for sensitive skin..,since moving back with my parents, I use whatever detergent they're using on top of washing my clothes with other peoples! Plus I don't wash my pillows every week like I used to. Co
  7. Thank you! I actually have an appointment set up with my derm tomorrow morning so I'm definitely going to see if I'm able to start the treatment. I'm on my dad's insurance & I believe it does cover some dermatology costs. I'm going to look into it tomorrow though. I'm not sure if they'd let me charge it but I can charge it to my card if it's a little pricey. Thanks again!
  8. I'm having another horrible skin day. It seems as soon as I see a change my bumps reappear! It's extremely frustrating. At this point I'm considering Accutane. I've been reading up on it & watching reviews all day. I'd love to start a treatment, the only thing I'm worried about is the pricing which I heard can be a killer! Feel free to leave any thoughts. Below is a picture of my horrible breakout today.
  9. Exactly how I feel!!! But thanks guys for responding. It's extremely draining but it's just one of those things you have to just push through I suppose...
  10. Am I the only one who is CONSTANTLY thinking about my skin? I am SO drained by it. Literally about 90 percent of my day is consumed with how bad my skin looks. I'm always constantly looking in the mirror to make sure my acne isn't as noticeable as it is. I'm constantly noticing other ppl's skin...wishing mine looked a third as good as theirs. What are the odds out of ALL these ppl in the world, I'm the one cursed to have this awful skin? Just doesn't seem fair. Life would be so much easier
  11. I totally agree! Acne is definitely genetic! I know too many ppl who don't take care of their skin & it's flawless & vice versa! Sad but true
  12. MsDani


    I've been on Epiduo for a few months now...I think since Sept. Last year. I used it a few years back as a teen & it didn't irritate me & cleared my skin up so good. But now, it still dries my skin out & my acne is less but definitely hasn't cleared up. I'm not sure if they've changed something or what. But (for me) the irritation still continues but not as much. It takes some time. And you can always lessen your amount so it won't be as irritated...
  13. I'm 22 & African American with acne! I'm in your exact same shoes! But my acne is genetic bc pretty much everyone in my immediate family has mild-severe acne. I have moderate. You just have to keep looking & find your cure. There is one out there but it's draining to find it. Just keep looking & I hope you gain your confidence back! I feel like a slave to my skin too. I think about it about 80 percent of the day. But in my head I know my cure is out there & it won't always be thi
  14. I'm starting to think sugar or milk triggers my acne. My skin had cleared up dramatically for 3 days last week (Wednesday-Friday). It was looking the best it's looked in A WHILE & I was really excited. I went home that evening & ate some cake & icceream, shortly after I ate it, I noticed tiny bumps reappearing. My bumps are now back & that was only 2 days ago! It's like they never went anywhere how quickly they came back. Now I'm not EXACTLY sure if the sugar is the reaso