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  1. I feel as tho it is internal . I change pillowcase often and wash hair with sulfate free shampoo, yet my forehead constantly has at least 3 new pimples it is pretty discouraging. I also don't eat sugar and eat only 2 pieces of fruit a day. And my stress levels are about average. Hmmm.. Why is acne so confusing
  2. Hi everyone, I hope your all doing well and seeing some improvements in your skin. Last post my skin was AWFUL, but now my cheeks and chin for the most part are cleared up praise God. But recently I have been developing forehead acne which never used to be an issue. They are sometimes large and red and sometimes small flesh colored bumps. I workout 5-6 days a week and always make sure to thoroughly clean and wash my fave and hair. I never wear hats . Dont have bangs. I dont eat junk. Im
  3. I actually was using hemp seed oil... but I discontinued due to laziness a week before so idk if that is what it is ? Hmm mm .. it looks baaddd today and every bump hurts . But the day before I broke out, I had a bad fever then these bumps came after
  4. Oh sorry ! I'll be more clear:) my skin was doing awesome then all the sudden it went nuts! And no new skin care!
  5. This all happened within 5 days basically my face is bright red with swollen cysts all over accompanied by little pin pick sensation and it is taking all my will power not to scratch my face off
  6. nope =( but now im guessing this isnt from lemon .. my face cleared that night I got all the bumps and was crystal clear! theeennnnn in the past DAYS, my skin is COVERED in painful, itchy, hot, red cyst like welts alllll over my face and in my hair! =((((
  7. okay hi guys so... in the past 5 DAYS my skin went from suppeerrrr clear... to completely, totally covered in limps . My face is swollen, itchy, painful, hot to the tough, it looks awful, and it just doesnt seem like acne but idk. I started my period... but it lasted a DAY... and no im not pregnant. What is going on?! =( ill upload pics later as I dont have a phone or camera so ill use my husbands when he is home i ment to put lumps haha also... im having severly cold hands and f
  8. Hello all =) So lately for the past 3 days I have been drinking lemon and hot water every morning well... today my skin looked smooth, but then as I got home from the store, my jaw was COVERED in flesh colored bumps that itch, accompnied by some red bumps under my eyes anyone else get this when they have lemons?
  9. thanks everyone for all the comments! I appreciate ou all! I will def talk to my GP! and ewww a monster worm !? sounds terrifying!
  10. thank you both so much for your wonderful answers I really appreciate it! and I will try and incorporate those foods in my diet and avoid nightshades!
  11. well, you see, I went t o my doctor, and he sis some testing thing and saw I have a leaky gut and that my flora was practically gone and had bad yeasts in my intestins and hardly any good ones.. but idk why as I eat really well.. I thought I might have autoimmune because of my horrible immne system. 2 years ago, I would eat what I wanted, now I cant have anything I used to ! Like avacodo, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, peppers, raw cocoa, onions, etc My eczema is in the form of raw o
  12. HELLO! My name is Savannah Coots, I am newly married, living in San Diego, livin that marine wife life! So, this is my first time posting here, so bear with me! My acne has been bad since middle school, and in grade 11 I went on accutane, then went on it again 6 months later due to the fact my skin broke out a day later after my 1st course! (NOT COOL) okay, just breath, inhale, exhale. Ahhhh better! haha so anyways, after accutane failed me a 2nd time , I decided to change my diet c