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  1. I have this huge cyst on my cheek for almost 4 months now. It's not red or painful at all. It looks just like a lump on my cheek, prolly size of a dime. So last week (friday) my dermatologist gave me a cortisone shot, she said she was just gonna inject a little and see how it turns out because she doesnt want to give to much that it will leave a dent on my cheek. It has been 4 days now and i notice the cyst does get a little bit smaller, but its still there ( you might not see if if your looking
  2. I agree. I notice theres a time my mom was popping pimple for me. She did it better neat, so theres only a light redmark, wheres the scratch is. but theres pimple i couldn't pop, da redmark is bigger
  3. it gives me whitehead, milia -> i'm really scared of those cuz they may get inflammed -> big pimples -> red marks >.<. Last time i tried Delna's method, but i thought its da baking soda dat causes breakouts. ACV did make my current pimple smaller and better skin tone.
  4. this is my first time in this box, so .. what is Wai diet? I googled it but still i think ppls dat try it can explain it better. Thanksss !!! oh yea, when u see nuts? what kinda nuts are they?
  5. It helped me a lil bit. Lolz. I remember I ordered this product back in Jan. At dat time I had a lot of red/brown mark on my forehead. First time using it was really effective. It actually reduced all my marks within 2 or 3 times. It also helped my active pimples become smaller and less red. But after 2 or 3 months using it, i doesn't really work for me any more. It still helps reduce da size of my pimple, but not much help for my red mark
  6. Any aspirin will work? I'm thinking about trying this method, but my family only use advil so I dont have any aspirin in my house. I'm gonna go buy it tom. But I"m not sure which kind to buy?
  7. Currently i'm applying aloe vera gel on my redmarks too . I do notice my redmarks are fading, but they turn out red again after I wash my face. ^ My eyes sting also when I apply da gel on my face.
  8. First I really dont know what type of ance I have. But I've been having these huge pumps (no color) around my mouth, and they are painful. I notice they start to get redder and bigger and star to form the white/yellow top in the center, so I keep putting on BP. Now the white/yellow top is gone, my pimples are smaller, but they are now a small pumps w/ brownish color. What should I do w/ these pumps? Are they cysts? should i make a small cut to take out da stuffs in there? thanksss
  9. I've been using this method for 3 days. It improves my skin, but not much. My redspots are getting lighter. I'm not sure if its the Baking Soda and Vinegar that cause some of my recent pimple. I mean before using this method, i have two active pimple, but after starting this regime, i got another one. The thing is its getting smaller really quickly. I notice after putting on Baking soda and vinegar cuz my pores to be seen so easily. Feel like just a quick stroke w/ blackhead's remover i can take