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  1. I do not have much of a problem with the acne portion of Dan's regimen, however his regimen is murdering my skin to death! Very dry flaky skin, although from what i've been picking up the last couple of days by monitoring this board, I do need to start using more gentle cleanser. I have also been told I should use a different moisturizer, I am currently using an alpha hydroxy by neutragena. Do you guys think this regimen is more gentle (and less drying) on the skin then Dan's? Do any of you any
  2. when i started... it took me a couple months to get things going right. I did notice a reduction of pimples... but for a while I always had a couple popping up here and there. it really does take time for the skin to adjust... and don't overdo it too soon with the BP, it just starts you off in the wrong direction. reread the instructions... and make sure your doing it right. I noticed time and time again that I wasn't following Dan's instructions 100%. make sure you are using products that fit y
  3. Maybe it's a good idea to skip the whole cleansing part since it plays such a big part in drying/irratating the skin.... which i guess is leading to oil overdrive in the skin... etc
  4. curious, does your skin currently look flaky and dead after washing your face? or does that only happen if you don't regulary moisturize. At the moment, I only moisturize during the day. do you have problems with the moisturizer getting absorbed into pillow cover or sheets? Becuase when i go motorcycle riding, I sometimes wear a bandana from my lips down into my jacket to cover my neck... and i will notice that my skin looks like it's been sucked dry around that area when I remove helmet and ban
  5. happyfourh, what products do you use? have you tried the paula's choice skin care products?
  6. should i use a moisturizer at night? will that help keep the skin from being really dry and going into oil overdrive?
  7. Well, I switched to an alpha hydroxy moisturizer becuase reg moisturizers weren't cuttin it. My skin was just too dry and flaky. However, when I first started regimen... I didn't know, but I wasn't following it correctly.... So I probably should try again now that I'm on the right track. Thanks for advice, will keep informed of any progress ... I'm suprised only you have replied, I expected a much greater response for some reason.
  8. i don't use any particular brand. sometimes its dial, dove, or whatever else is around...
  9. I follow Dan's regimen as much as possible. The problem is my skin flakes... like small chunks just hanging there... All I know is this. The only part of the regimen I don't follow is the soap part, so I'm assuming that's the culprit. After I wash, my skin is super super dry, very nasty feeling. It looks like hell, even though I am super gentle... no wash clothes, no scrubbing, and dabbing dry with a towel. I then apply about 2/3 finger of dan's bp to face. That's pretty much as little BP as p
  10. wow i'm happy for you... wish it was that easy for me. whats the deal with the vinegar?
  11. dial anti-bacterial soap... dries skin a little, but I'm satisfied with it
  12. supply a pic of it? would be so nice......
  13. same situation, same dreaded problem, no one seems to have a reliable answer. it really sux....
  14. I’ve heard from a manager of a big chain store that distributors pay the big chain stores to have their product on the store’s shelves… especially new products. Sounds like trouble Dan.
  15. is there something i can do after a few hours when my facial "oils" start to build up and make me look like a sweating pig... short of washing my face and re-applying bp. i will try cutting down on the amount of moisturizer i use, but my face looks normal for hours. it does appear to be oil build-up. I will also try the Neutrogena Combination skin mousturizer and see what happens.