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  1. Have you tried electric razors? I know that my friend said that after he switched to electric one, acne after shaving went away.
  2. Hey hey, First of all sorry for my bad english hehe. I have this problem with one pimple, its kinda stuck, its one of theses white pimples that should be easy to get out but i cant make it pop out, its been there for months now, ive strugled pushing it out but nothing, you can see it trough skin, feels like only small layer of skin is over so there shouldnt be any problem for it to get out but it doesnt. What could i do? How to get it out? Should i try stabing it with a needle or something?
  3. Hello, First of all sorry for my crappy english hehe but i have an issue. I have this white head pimple stuck on my left upper side of my nose, betwen the nose and eye, like that area. its been there for months and it feels like its just dead but i cant get it out, ive tried to push it out in many different ways but its just stuck, it feels like it have nowhere to pop out of. What shall i do? Should i try stabing it with a needle?