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  1. Hi everybody, For a good period of time I have struggled with some skin issues. While I think I have the acne under control I still struggle with hyper pigmentation and bad texture. One of my biggest issues is a small Part of my face, near my t zone. I've had this for about a year now and whole I think it's getting better sometimes I think id just be lying to myself. I really cannot pinpoint what it is. Scarred pores? Enlarged pores? Scars? I've tried waiting it out, I've tried aha, some mino
  2. Hi, thank you both for the suggestions. I think I will give my skin a break, when I was writing my previous post I had every intention of just sticking with it and hoping someone would say it's normal but I think it'd be a better idea to give my skin a break and maybe try incorporating it later on when my skin clears up. Anyway, UK, I actually did try the regimen a few years back when my skin first started flaring up.It was the first treatment I used to try and clear up my skin. I tried it out f
  3. Hi guys, I don't really know where to start. I've been dealing on and off with acne for the past 2 years, it all started when I got on BC(long story). Anyway, I've had months where my skin looked so bad, while others not so bad but it's still somewhat present and can't seem to find the light towards clear, smooth skin. For the past few months my skin has definitely gotten better. I've used all types of topicals, drugstore to high end and even natural remedies, while some have really helped it n
  4. Hi everybody, For a while now I've been eyeing the boards looking for a similar situation to mine to avoid posting myself, but after so long I've finally built up the courage to post myself. I don't really know how to classify these scars. They look like icepick scars? scarred pores? However there's still some bumpiness/lumpiness that drives me CRAZY and it's so much more apparent with makeup. My skin is smooth everywhere else, there's still hyperpigmentaion but no scarring(thank god) but beca