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  1. Your scars are quite shallow and there are definitely ways to improve the appearance, if you feel you really want to (but totallly not needed). I would try home dermarolling. You can purchase a dermaroller from Amazon or Banish Acne Scars; doubt you'll need anything more than a 0.5mm needle. This plus a good Vitamin C serum would likely produce good results. I bought the roller set (one roller and Vit C serum) from Banish Acne Scars for about $70 CDN, but it didn't help me that much because my s
  2. You've seen about 50% improvement with the first round of treatments and have another session to go, I think you have a lot to look forward to! A 50% improvement it quite good and it'll only get better from here Of course under some lighting, scars appear worse, but just think of waking up in the morning and seeing your improved skin every day vs the few times you might get stuck in some bad lighting.
  3. Whey protein is a by-product of cheese/the cheese-making process. Dairy tends to be a trigger for acne in a good number of people, myself included. If you have noticed your skin gets aggravated by lactose products, best steer clear of whey. I have tried soy protein with no issues.
  4. This is a good point; your skin issue could be caused by bacteria. Try keeping a tissue between your phone and your face. Also, wash your pillow case weekly...if you sleep on your side/stomach and this is the side of your face which is on the pillow, that could be the root of your problem.
  5. This is not cystic acne, looks like whiteheads to me. I get this when I use something that doesn't agree with my skin eg. a cream, foundation, oil. For me, this is a sign of clogged pores or just general sensitivity to a product. Have you added/changed something recently in your skin routine? I would recommend switching to a very basic, scent-free cleanser like Spectro Gel or Cetaphil (or whatever you know works for your skin) and not applying anything else to your skin except maybe a moist
  6. I am experiencing a bit of a breakout right now (for reasons unknown to me still) and will start this tonight! Will update in one week.
  7. Everyone is different, some people's skin is heavily influenced by their diet. You yourself are seeing the negative impact on your skin when you eat greasy fast foods, definitely accept that as an indicator and do your best to change your diet. I would try frozen dinners from the local supermarket; they're not the healthiest thing out there, but many of them do beat eating McDonald's. I don't know what brands are in the UK, but here in Canada we have Lean Cuisine, Michelina's, etc. They're
  8. I wish I had stopped smoking weed before going to extreme measures to cure my acne, it probably would have done the trick. That was the only thing I smoked regularly. However, I tried smoking cigars a few times, and that always made me break out like crazy too. So, I think it's the actual 'smoking' part that causes the breakouts and not the weed itself, if that makes sense. I would definitely try eating it or maybe drinking it in some stem tea.
  9. As Lore91 mentioned, you can definitely wash your face in the shower. Assuming you wash your face morning and night and don't want to shower twice a day, sensitive, scent-free baby wipes are great for cleaning your face before bed.
  10. Hi people, in case anyone encounters a similar issue, I would like to just give an update. I had the treatment on 4PM Saturday afternoon. Woke up Sunday with whiteheads/white pustules over the areas (cheeks) where the Dermapen had been used. I was not able to contact the clinic - they were closed on Sunday. I continued the regular regime the woman who performed my treatment had told me to follow: rinse every two hours with plain water and apply the provided gel. Throughout the day the whitehe
  11. Thanks for your response, Robertitoo. You may be right, it could be the gel. It's supposed to be key in the healing process though, not sure what would happen if I just stopped using it completely. I will definitely try the oil cleansing method! I do have pictures...but they're so gross I don't even want to post them lol
  12. Yesterday afternoon, I had my first Dermapen session with a trained professional. She used a 1.5mm needle and put Proderm Hydrogel on my skin after the treatment. Yesterday was as expected: my face was red and a bit sore, nothing out of the ordinary. I was washing my face with tepid water and reapplying the gel every two hours as directed. This morning, however, was another story. I woke up to find my face covered in tiny white pustules, like whiteheads! It's so awful; it looks horrific and i
  13. Made everything so much worse.

    I know everyone recommends "sticking to it", but honestly, you have to know when to stop too. I had pretty bad acne, I would always have at least 2 or 3 cystic pimples at almost any given time plus blackheads under the skin and whiteheads on and off. I also had some mild hyperpigmentation and scarring. It was my doctor (GP NOT a dermatologist - please people, go to a dermatologist) who recommended this to me while I was waiting to see a derm, which was going to take about 6 months. M
  14. Improvement of Acne Scarring!

    Reduces reddness Improves scar appearance Expensive Slight discomfort I used to have very sever cystic acne which left me with a lot of red, pitted acne scarring. My dermatologist recommended I try chemical peeling to reduce the appearance. I just completed my sixth peel today at the highest (70%) concentration. It's made a notable difference in my scarring - the texture hasn't improved so much, but the redness has definitely reduced. For those who have very sensitive skin, make sure