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  1. I am on Belara (again) since about 8 months, and I still break out, but not as badly as before I went back on the pill, and only during the week break. Hang in there! My acne can be provoked by other factors like lack of sleep, eating too much meat, stress....and the list goes on and on. Don't worry bout it too much, just give it a couple of weeks to clear up and go from there.
  2. A really good sunscreen is from La Roche Posay, the Athelios fluid. It sinks right in, is non-comodogenic and doesn't sweat off. It is more expensive, but stays put and WORKS.
  3. I have tried pretty much every otc acne treatment there is, and now I am just sick of smearing chemical crap on my face. I use Weleda's Iris skin care: cleansing milk, toner and moisturizer, and my skin has never looked better! (I see that this stuff is pretty pricey in the states, here you can buy it in the supermarket! Well, it is a Swiss company) Of course I still get the odd pimple, but my overall skin texture and 'glow' is much better. Plus it's natural, and if I read the ingredients, I a
  4. I love the sun, but i do wear sunscreen...well at least most of the time. My skin looks much clearer with a bit of a tan (see my pics), and if i do get a spot, it is much less noticeable. I have noticed however, that if i get a burn, i usually break out. Just remember to use sunscreen, and if you use a tanning bed (i do this pretty rarely), less is more especially when starting out! I hate self tanners, they look fake, are a pain to apply and smell weird. Maybe i have just yet to find a goo
  5. I can walk around the house without any makeup and I feel fine about it, as long as it is just my husband around. He doesn't care about my skin, and has always been very supportive. He also NEVER complains when he has to wait for me while I get ready...he knows how hard it is on me. At the moment I am more or less clear (ok, right now i have a cyst on my cheek which burst, but other than that, no complaints!) and he keeps telling me how beautiful my skin is and how he loves my freckles. Anyo
  6. OK, no worries, the little bastard has errupted on his own...now it's just damage control!
  7. Cameron Diaz is beautiful, with or without acne!!! That should be a message to all of us
  8. Hi guys and gals! I developped this strange painless lump on my cheek two days ago (size of a pinkie tip). It doesn't seem to be inflamed (only slightly red), nor does it hurt or seem to have any goo inside it. It is also not hard. I WANT IT GONE!!! It bugs me, cause it is obvious in certain light. I haven't picked at it, I just put some normaderm on it (SA), but that doesn't seem to be doing anything.... Can anyone give me some advice in how to get rid of it without causing inflammation?
  9. I find that the sauna makes the buggers come to the surface, so in a way, it does help...unless you have an underground bugger and a big date coming up, I recommend it! I like to go in the sauna and then do an full body exfoliation afterward (and gentle on the face too, unless i have active acne). Be sure to drink loads of water!!! It makes my skin look like new, and helps boost your immune system.
  10. I usually get the itches when it is a zit that is forming a head...ewwwww, i know...a bit of normaderm on top of it usually takes the itch right out, and clears it up faster.
  11. I switched from Marvelon to Belara cause I was still really oily (skin and hair), and Belara is even better for me in that sense. Plus my boobs got bigger FOOMPH: no, i have never been on accutane, considered it if my skin didn't get better on the pill...it did after i went back on. if if goes crazy again, i will definitely look into it. at the moment i am only experiencing very mild acne which clears fairly quickly, and have days of absolutely clear skin in between. no derm would put me on
  12. I am sorry to hear that. It does sound a bit extreme to go on a fourth course...maybe a diet change? I wish you really all the best in whatever you choose to do, no one should have to go through that...
  13. ]Thank you hippy love child for your advice. Was shocked to read about you developing a blood clot on Diane. Have few questions. Where was the blood clot? in your legs? How did you know you had a blood clot? what were the symptoms? Did you switch to Marvelon straight after taking Diane without a break? Did you experience a really bad breakout when you did this? How long did it take before you broke out on marvelon if you did? Why did you change from Marvelon to Belara? Did you do this strai
  14. A friend of mine had severe cystic acne on his back, and went on roaccutane as well. His Doc told him to swim in the ocean as much as possible (he's a Swede) or to take sea salt baths, and that really helped dry up and heal the spots. He is clear now, sure he's got scars, but who cares? He is a beautiful person and that's what counts. I'm just sorry to hear that it physically hurts you no one, especially a fine young man like yerself deserves that!
  15. I too, have experienced this phenomenon: i refer to it as 'twimples'. I think it may have something to do with stress/organs as Guardedly Optimistic suggested, but I guess we'll never know! *sigh*