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  1. I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Howdy, I can honestly say that I cannot even tell that I am on 'tane anymore. The side effects aren't even a factor and I love it. I have been getting more cysts which sucks but thats ok. It is really hot here. Ok I'll talk to ya'll later. Bye
  3. Hey people, I see none of ya missed me but its ok. My back is really hurting right now, but my skin is looking phenomenal so I guess it is a even trade? I just can't wait till the middle of September when I am done and looking as sexy as I was before haha. Summer is really flying by isn't it? It kinda sucks. Well I'm going to bed so you all have a good night. Bye
  4. I'm BAAAACK!! Hello fellow taners. How has the scene been since I was gone. I am back on Accutane and have been so for a week on Monday. I see that alot of my old friends are finished or pretty close to it; if you guys and girls still read this, congratulations and I can't wait to join you lucky bastards haha. Damn that moderator is looking hOTtTtT...lol. So I am experiencing all of those crappy side effects I did when I first started 'tane. You all know them: the dry skin, the little joint pai
  5. Another Update: I am officially off tane for a full month. I am soooo upset. I just wanted it to be over with and now it is gonna stretch out another month. BOOOOOOOO!!!
  6. Thank you Firegurl and Tennesseegrl WHOA...I have been gone for quite some time. Ok so here is the deal. For the first week, I had finals so I couldn't really find time to write on here. The second week I had to get myself home, and this is the third week. My derm decided to take me off tane for at least two weeks last week and I wish she didn't. I was have back and lower side pains so she thought tane was doing it. I feel like I am going to break out all over. I want to go back on it reallly b
  7. Day 49 UPDATE: I now havee a rash that is taking over my entire arm. It doesn't itch, but it is beginning to burn. Side effects suck, but... 7 WEEKS IN PEOPLE WOOHOOO!!! so all is well.
  8. Day 46 I am feeling good today. I don't know why. My face has a cyst the size of a quarter that is all plump and juicy. I hate them sooo much. Especially since I know that it will scar. I don't care though. I have noticed that I am an extremely cheerful person at all times. WEIRD haha. Other than the gigantasauraus cysts on my face and chest I am doing good. My skin is dry as hell but it is getting better by the day. Also, when I lay down, my back hurts for a good 3 minutes. It did that before,
  9. Lol I try...And yes it most certainly does Hello buddy from Germany Day 43 Uhh my face hurts from the dryness and the skin flakes are back. I have switched my fluid intake to extreme amounts of water and some chocolate milk only; no more soda for a little while at least. I have a gigantic cyst under my sternum. Oh yea and new pictures will be up shortly...bye all
  10. DAY 42 Ok so here's the situation. If my camera decides to work, I willl take pics and post them; if not, we will just wait and see. Update on my skin...It isn't peeling as bad, maybe its cause I put on about 3 gallons of lotion an hour, but its good. I even shaved today. Talk to yous later (If Tennessee can go country style with ya'll, than I can go Philly style with "yous") HOLY POOPIE I AM 6 WEEKS IN!!!
  11. Whoa, Forum Moderator! Someone became big-time; just don't forget the little guys. Yea it is fun as all hell to shoot a gun. I come from Philly where it is pretty much all illegal guns. Her dad pulls out twelve guns of all shapes and sizes; I felt like I was doing something illegal haha. It is definitely a different experience when I am with my gf's family, alot of hicks lol. I had fun though. Day 41 Holy crap I am in deep, in 'tane that is. 41 DAYS!! I am peeling soooooooooooooooooooo x 10
  12. And Oh how I remember my early days. Trying to find ways to get the ever-popular TennesseeGurl to post on my thingy... Thank you kindly Julz Firegurl that was a little nasty haha Day 39??? WOW...long time, no comment huh? Well have I got some things to tell you. Not really. I am soooo dry it is disgusting. My face is peeling like a banana; it is pretty grotesque. Better than acne though, right? I am feeling good though. My camera's batteries died, thus no pictures until I purchase some new o
  13. Yes it is most definitely the "freaking best" haha compliments are awesome Day 34 After a slight Ipledge error, I have my 'tane again...THANK GOD. I havent't taken my full 80 mg a day yet but I am preparing myself for what should come. I am pretty excited about my upped dosage. I can't wait until I start to see the reult of it. PS. IPledge sucks ass...I feel sorry for you ladies that have to deal with that crap monthly.
  14. The first month went good for me. My side effects weren't too bad and my skin looks 20% better. Hey just keep on going, you only got two months left and that is when you're supposed to see your results anyway. Good Luck Day 32? Ok so listen to this. I ran out of 'tane on sunday and I was supposed to get my RX filled today for new supplies. I live seven hours away from home so I had to take off of school just to get my script. That was last Monday, exactly seven days. I went to get it filled to