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i hate acne

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  1. i have this neutrageno stuff, its gentle cleansing, but can not lather ;X, will this be good?
  2. yo i got some questions about it if u can answer
  3. whats te csr regimen? plz post info xD
  4. was just wondering about dans regimen i saw in the homepage, Gentle Cleansing+2.5% BP + Lots of Mousterization= clear skin, has anyone tried this and seen improvments? post back with any info..
  5. hey i had about 1 month left for accutane, but said screw that its not worth it, but now that im off what should i use to wash my face? any suggestions would be great
  6. i need something that i could buy at Right AId or CVS, any suggestions besides the dove soap? thanks
  7. i just bought an acne mark fading peel and was wondering if anyone else used it, also im on tane atm, should i use it before i mousterize or after? ty
  8. hey all started tane and was wondering what face wash i could buy (from a CVS store or rite aid) to use while on tane
  9. ok for to long have a had these red marks while on tane, could someone help me out on how to get rid of them?!?! plz leave a comment thanks!
  10. i heard aloe vera helps with fading reds marks and decided to try it out but when do i apply? before or after i moistourize? :S comments would be good
  11. i recently got some aloe vera hearing that it helps fade red marks, when should i apply this? after i mousterize and all? plz comment thanks!
  12. im on accutane, is it ok to take advil or tylenol on it? plz for the love of god someone help i looked everywhere and my dome piece might blow up :S
  13. should i stay away from food that has just 2% vit A or will that mess my tane up?