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  1. Accutane 20mg

    My Acne Story

    Hey, Yes we've lost our hero our TATA ♥ Wish he was still around thou' but hopefully his legacy will live forever he has built a solid foundation for us and we NEED to make him proud and continue building on his legacy. Luckily i didn't live in thee apartheid time my mom and dad told me stories about that and i must say its touching but luckily its all over now and we can live our lives free and not define by color. Have a wonderful day
  2. Accutane 20mg

    My Acne Story

    Dear Readers There's one thing in this world that probably hurts thee most is when you have bad acne as well as pigmentation marks all over your face and body TRUST me I know But through my whole process i have learned that acne does not define you it's who you are inside ... so don't let acne get the best of you I have had breakouts since I first started high school that's about 9 Years ago... Yes i'm 21 years old female and i'm all thee way from South Africa. Long story short...
  3. Accutane 20mg

    Adult Acne Accutane Log

    Hey Astarte Here in South Africa we call Accutane ..Acnetane heheheh dont know why. So this morning i took my first pill of accutane and im super excited to start my journey I am on 20mg per day. Strongs with your journey and i know it will end well. Kind Regards