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  1. I would rarely have pimples and zits, but I could never get rid of these small bumps all over my forehead. 3 months later, my forehead and face is completely smooth!

    I am so happy with the Regimen, but I did not like the moisturizer. It made my skin flakey. I skipped using the moisturizer, and I noticed my skin was clearer with out it! I then went back to using the moisturizer, and I noticed more bumps and black heads and flakiness. I no longer use a moisturizer and my skin looks great, so this might just be me!

    I love this! I wake up every morning to a smooth and soft face after applying this at night! It was drying at the beginning, like expected, but now I use this day and night! It doesn't dry out my skin anymore! I am on my third month of the regimen, and my skin keeps getting better!
  4. rickey

    Couldn't Be Happier!

    Couldn't Be Happier!

    I had mild acne, but I always had at least one pimple I was popping or covering up. I also had tiny bumps all over my forehead and bad black heads. I finally found acne.org and began doing the treatment with the brands recommended, but the results were minimal. After a few weeks, Acne.org offered a free trial on the website, so I gave it a shot! I AM SO HAPPY! I rarely wear make up now and my skin is smooth and clear! I have been using the regimen since April 1st 2014, and my skin is still looki