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  1. Haha, thanks yeah I figured that. :) I saw that they have an ingredient list on the site, but I have no idea what any of those names are supposed to be. Do u notice anything familiar in that list? :think:
  2. Has anyone ever seen this advertised before? What are your thoughts on it? It was supposedly mentioned on a few news groups, but I have never heard of it before. It seems good, but I'm not ordering it unless I know if it's really good or not, cuz it's like $79! http://www.worldwidemetalabs.com/products/acne_curell.htm I really need to get rid of this oily skin though, does anyone know if LLT (low leve laser therapy) works on sebaceous glands to some extent? Because I just ordered an at-h
  3. That is so awesome, thanks for posting it! Very interesting... I wonder when they will release those medicines to the general public?
  4. Hey, I'm considering on wether or not I should buy this in the near future; has anyone ever saw this or ordered it? What are ya'lls opinions on it (wether you used it or not)? It looks very good, and the price is reasonable compared to the Smoothbeam and Vbeam treatments I was considering to get. It's also supposed to be better than regular at home light treatments. http://www.lasermedics.net/handlaser Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. I know how u feel, it's annoying isnt it? As far as the burn, it should go away soon tho. If u feel that u need a moisturizer, then yeah put it on, but just be careful with it. Make sure there's no ingredients in it that could irritate ur skin more, and gently pat it on. I'm wondering, did ur skin scab or "crust up" yet?
  6. I agree, leave it alone. Try as much as possible not to touch ur skin that is burnt & stay out of the sun. That happened to me already with glycolic acid, I was so scared that my skin wasn't going to go back to normal, but after a week everything was fine again. If u notice that the burnt area starts cracking very badly to the point where it hurts, u can put a little bit of neosporin cream on it. But if it's not, then just leave it be. Take care, hope ur skin gets well soon.
  7. Girl, no, dont irritate your skin like that just to get the makeup off. I used to do that too, it's not good. You need to use an oil, either jojoba oil or emu oil, put it on ur face and then wipe it off with a tissue. It should get most of ur makeup off and then follow with a cleanser. I also reccomend La Vitton Water-Soluble Facial Cleansing Oil (I use this right now); you don't need to use tissue to wipe ur makeup off with this, all u do is splash ur face with water and everything dissolves.
  8. I found this site that sells a product for controlling acne with "natural antibiotics" It looks good... but I've never heard of this product mentioned before, so of course I don't want to be optimistic about it. Here's the link: http://www.fastacnerelief.com/treatment.html I was wondering if someone could read these ingredients and tell me if they will really do what the company claims? I know there are a few well-educated people in here who might know about this type of stuff; I'd really ap
  9. Hey! I'm thinking of trying some mineral makeup again. I gave up on it last year after trying Jane Iredale and a few other brands, because I could NOT get any coverage at all; I couldn't understand it. On top of that, the finishes were either too shiny looking or way too matte and powdery. I tried several different methods of applying: with a brush, and with a sponge. However, I didn't have a kabuki brush, and I'm reading now that, that is what helps make the minerals work good on the skin. So
  10. Wow, It's been a while since last time I've posted in this log! I've been meaning to come back to give an update, but you know how things go! Life is always busy. Well, things haven't changed much since starting to take the pills, as of right now my skin is the same (same oilyness and fairly the same amount of breakouts). I'm almost done the first pack, actually I guess u can say I finished it because I'm just on the "placebo" green pill week. I'm still trying to be hopeful that Ortho Tri Cy
  11. Try La Vitton Water-Soluble Facial Cleansing Oil. I used to have a problem with getting off long-wearing makeup w/o irritating my skin or prematurely rubbing off scabs, and this stuff is really good. I'm actually on my second bottle of it, it lasts a long time. http://www.lavitton.com/index.php?p=catalog&parent=1&pg=1 Hope this helps you.
  12. I still haven't gotten an upset stomach from it yet... yay! As long as all keeps going well, I'll start taking the pills at a later time on my next pack. Thanks so much for the tip! I heard some people get an initial breakout. Maybe someone else who knows more about this medicine can answer this too? Because I'm still curious as well... Good luck to you too! Keep us updated on how you're doing. Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it. But, lol, isn't hypoc
  13. Day 3 Ok.... I'm experiencing something kind of weird right now. It's about 10:50 PM now, almost 5 hours since I took my third pill, and I've been getting this weird feeling in my left leg for the past 20 minutes. I think maybe it is a circulation problem, because it's a "bubbling" type of feeling; like the blood is having a hard time circulating through my veins. Also, my left foot feels kind of numb, as if I had been sitting on it for a while, but I haven't. I'm getting kind of concerned now,
  14. Day 2 Took it again around 6:00 PM. Haven't noticed any changes yet, of course. Does anyone know if we are supposed to take this on an empty stomach, or with food? Does it even matter? I've been taking it on an empty stomach and I don't seem to be getting the nauseating feeling that some people claim as a side affect... yet. Oh, and I wish u best of luck acneinthecity, keep me updated on how you do, as well.
  15. Hey everyone, I've decided to finally start taking birth control pills to help out with my acne. I've tried many things in the past to help control my breakouts, but none of it seemed to work very well. I noticed acne the worst after first getting my period, and ever since then my acne seems to flare up during that time as well, so I figure that it is hormonally-related. I hope this will finally be something that actually works for me. Hopefully some more of you can join in and post how your do