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  1. i am glad they r going away quickly, good luck!
  2. The white blood cells need b6, and white blood cells defend the body against infection, and acne is an infection if you think about it because it needs to be cured like any other skin cut or problem. So what I think is that vitamin B6 will actually help acne as well as other vitamins. Vitamins are vital for the whole body not just acne, and we have acne for a reason, it doesn't just appear, so it could be due to lack of vitamins. What do you all think?
  3. yes but surely you know that they dont look as bad so other people wont notice them as much. so they can see them a bit, but from a certain distance it wont be noticable... any improvement is better than no improvement, i am sure you will all agree!
  4. Thanks for the information Owen Very helpful! =D>
  5. Hi Cailin, welcome! How many times a week do you go on the sunbed for and how long for? I am considering doing this but have been a bit put off by the long term affects... Good luck Cailin
  6. well isnt that the whole point, and what everyone wants .. to make it look less visible? If you cant get rid of it why not disguise it?
  7. what do u mean when u say 'dry sheets' ? thanks and sorry for the stupid question. I use non - bio washing powder, has that got anythin to do with it?
  8. I think the sun helps my acne too, im for the sun to help acne, but thats just my opinion!
  9. The second! It shows your happy and not too serious like the third one. It could show your enjoying acne-free skin. I think you need some sort of smile... Good luck on your choice anyway!
  10. Yeah see if that makes an improvement, thats what i am trying, no improvement so far.. but everyone is different. Try everything u can and make accutane the last resort. I really dont want to use it but i might have to one day !
  11. yes i suppose, but i really want to get rid of it, maybe a sauna is an idea?
  12. i think roaccutane is just another name for accutane.. its the same thing If im wrong someone correct cos i dont want to give the wrong info, but i think im right Have you tried cutting out wheat/dairy/sugar from your diet or lemon water? That is suppose to help.
  13. Sparty, the answers are no, no and no. Ok im wrong, but i just thought that so little time can cause it, i was told that if u spend hours a week in it only then it becomes a risk. Do you know anything about those tanning machines that you can buy from argos that tan your face? Well can they be harmful as its just directed on the face? heres the link : http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/s...categoryId=8544