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  1. I love Minneapolis! SKOL VIKINGS!! hehe. Summer time is always fun because of sunscreen not working as well as it should - or the other option of being covered up like you're under witness protection. It's not easy avoiding the sun
  2. Yes, acne is a punk no matter its form Sorry to hear that 3 courses of the tane didn't bring you the results you were hoping for. Is your acne cystic still? :/ I'm hoping my 2nd course is the end all. If not, I don't think I'll go through a 3rd. Luckily this time around, my skin is no where near as awful as it was during the 1st course. Thank God no cystic acne that is consistent but acne is acne is acne.
  3. For those of you who are just starting Accutane for the first time or hell, the 2nd, 3rd or whatever time, take time to observe pre-existing things affecting you. If you have always suffered from the screaming mimis on the toilet after a late night binge of Taco Bell, don't freak out if it happens when you're just now taking Accutane. If you had a nervous twitch in your eye before you got on Accutane, don't think that your eye is going to suddenly explode because you're now on it. So I had a
  4. Get offa ma lawn!!! Seriously though, thanks for the comment
  5. Sorry to hear that 3 courses of the tane didn't bring you the results you were hoping for. Is your acne cystic still? :/ I'm hoping my 2nd course is the end all. If not, I don't think I'll go through a 3rd. Luckily this time around, my skin is no where near as awful as it was during the 1st course.
  6. Today I learned that starting Accutane in the summer is going to be pretty_darn_interesting. While walking from my car toward my office, I began the unchoreographed dance up the hill trying to avoid the sun. To a passer by, I must've looked like a mental case between rushing from shady patch to shady patch and holding my arms in front of me to keep the sun from hitting them. I feel like a Vampire, afraid that I'll spontaneously combust if the sun touches my vulnerable skin. Despite slatheri
  7. So here I am again, staring at that familiar image of the pregnant woman with the international no symbol and as I peel it away, I think to myself "149 of these little ladies to go." At least 149 more to go. How did I get into this situation where I have a junkie bruise on my left arm and am now having to pop pills for the next 5 or so months? Ah yes, that's right.. ACNE. Assh*le.. teehee. --- I'm 33 years old and have put up with moderate acne since the puberty fairy visited m
  8. Wow. It really works. So did the marks just dissapear with time? Did u have any further treatment for scars? Do u still have noticeable bumbs and uneveness in the skin? Sorry for all the questions! I don't really have red marks save for the one or two minor blemishes I got within the last month. I anticipate those to disappear in another month. I do have some scarring, which is understandable since I had severe acne. My jaw line has the most scarring and I do have some indents on my forehead an
  9. I recently came back around and am blown away with how fantastic you look! I am so happy for you and glad to see that you remain clear!
  10. It's been a year and a half since I finished.Sorry for not staying vigilant with the log, but once I started clearing up, I ran with it and never looked back. Here's a recent pic from a few weeks ago. I still get the occasional blemish but nothing like before on my face. Only one cyst on my body which alarmed me but went away after a week. Do I regret doing Accutane? No Would I do it again? Hell yes! For those who are going through the treatment or contemplating it, I wish you t
  11. I remember you from your accutane posts in 09! I'm sorry to hear that your acne has come back after 2 courses I wish I had advice. Since finishing my course in Mar 10, I get occasional single blemish on my face but recently I had a cystic lesion on my body. I'm scared and will jump back on tane in a heartbeat. It sucks that we are in our 30's and still dealing w this crap. Best of luck to you!
  12. ----Somewhere in Month 4---- Wow, so sorry I haven't updated in like forever!! Well, things have slowly been improving and my doctor bumped me up to 80mg this month. So far so good, got a few small blemishes but overall looking good. I'm a little bummed about my forehead being scarred now but I'm grateful to not have unsightly painful lesions. I have been getting back to my normal life and going out there into the world. Unfortunately that means I've neglected this place. Side effects are mi
  13. That's a bummer iPledge sucks and it's cruel to make us wait. Hang in there, the wait will be over soon!
  14. Your skin already is looking good! Like wide_eyed and arwena said, you are beautiful!! Guys are dummies but for some reason we girls still chase them!
  15. I don't mind moisturizer, I hate sunscreen though. I have yet to find any that don't a) Make my dryness more noticeable b) Make me look and feel greasy c) Both a and b I wear a hat with a wide brim when I'm outside just because of my loathing for sunscreen. How is the flakiness? Are things improving with it?
  16. Girl, I totally hear ya when people ask how the meds are working. I wonder the same things and search their expressions to try to find out what they mean. It's great to hear that your skin is getting better and the redness is making its exit. You're almost done with treatment!! Huzzah!
  17. ----Day 62----- Just been chuggin right along. Nothing to report that is new. Side effects are the same as last post. I have started using the CeraVe cream at night to try to counter the dry patches I get on my face. At my job I have been working up front with the public again and let me tell you, what a difference 3 months and some mineral make up make! I don't get patronizing looks now and no comments. I can look someone in the eye and although I have a long way to go, I feel attractive at
  18. Thank you kindly =) How is your experience with it going now? Just dryness and achy joints but neither are bad enough to hinder me.
  19. ----Day 60 (pics)----- Here is where I stand as of today. I look like I have some kind of, "Durrrr" look on my face in the left and right shots. Ah well, I don't look like that all the time! Tomorrow I go see my derm and hopefully get my next month's supply: JulyBaby86 - Yes, I have been using it. I use Mint to reduce some hyperpigmentation and even out my skin tone, then apply Golden Fair and then Light. While it doesn't cover stuff to where it isn't noticeable, it does help much. wide_eye
  20. 2 days down! Before you know it, your first month will be done! No need to apologize for not posting, I'm in the same boat where I check the forums on my phone. Just be sure to keep us all updated here on your progress! You're a pretty girl and you'll be clear in no time!
  21. I'm happy to hear that your skin is continuing to improve and most importantly, you're getting out there and not worrying about it! Huzzah!!
  22. Congratulations on completing your treatment! You are looking good! Thanks for sharing your story with us!
  23. Glad to hear you're done with your treatment on Accutane! May your acne stay away. I hope you're able to overcome your depression issues and move on to a happy clear life! Best wishes to you!!
  24. Hey Mallory, welcome to the boards!! I can relate to your story as far as being social and then hiding from people after the breakout. You're a beautiful girl and you'll clear up in no time! I'll keep an eye on your blog!