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  1. No problem! If your skin isn't irritated, itchy, or dry I think you could do every night. I just have sensitive skin, and even if I do it every night with a moisturizer I get dry, red, and patchy. Everyone is different, though. A friend of mine has been applying it every night since day one, and she's not dry or itchy. You know your skin best, and if you think you skin can handle every night, then do that. I was just offering my two cents . It seems to be a tricky thing.. I think just about
  2. Maybe you're applying it too often? I've been on Tazorac 0.05% for about 10 months, but there's no way I could apply it every day. I do every other day, and I love the stuff. Is your skin irritated, itchy, or dry? After I first went to the dermatologist, I was put on Tazorac 0.05% + antibiotics (I don't remember which one), but it took me 2 months to get cleared (I had cystic acne as well). It takes cysts quite some time to heal, as the infection is so deep in the skin. So you just may not b
  3. I know it's hard, but you really need to not touch it (outside of washing, applying treatments, etc). When you mess with it or squeeze it you can cause the bacteria to infect other pores. You can also spread the bacteria when applying makeup. If you're going to wear makeup you should try to apply makeup to that area last.. like do your forehead, nose, chin, right cheek, do your left cheek but work around the spot, and then dab makeup on the spot. Also, use a separate brush for the spot.
  4. I had to get glasses about a month ago, and now the area where the glasses sit on the sides of my nose is breaking out in many whiteheads. And I had just recently gotten completely clear . It's always something. Anyway, how can I stop my glasses from breaking me out? I've tried just about everything I know to do. I wash the glasses with soap and water a few times a week, I wipe down the nose piece with alcohol every day before I put them on, I take them off as soon as I get home to try t
  5. They'll go away eventually. It takes a while, but they'll fade away. I really like mixing raw honey with tumeric and applying that as a mask for 20 minutes. I feel like it speeds the process up. Also, make sure you wear sunscreen. Sun can make hyperpigmentation worse.
  6. I'm not sure about the reliability of the home tests. There's normally just a few percent change someone with celiac disease will come back negative. Do you happen to know what kind you got? There are a few different antibodies tests. Were you eating food with gluten in it at that time of the test or were you on a gluten free diet? If you were eating a diet with gluten in it at the time of the test, there's usually just a small (less than 10%) margin of error. So your cheeks were fine before th
  7. Have you tried a low-carb diet? As LeadingForce said, carbs cause inflammation. Have you had a blood test to determine your iron levels? From the feeling tired and the cold hands and feet, it sounds to me like you might be anemic (iron deficiency). Since you also seem to have stunted growth and an inability to gain weight, have you looked into celiac disease? Quite a few of your sympoms fit the bill. As for your acne, what products are you currently using?
  8. My boyfriend has small red bumps going from the side of his eyebrows down to cover his entire cheek on both sides of his face. He says they're very itchy. He's been using salicylic acid face wash, which hasn't helped a bit. What could it be? What should he use on it?
  9. I am a big fat chicken. I went back on spiro last week. I hadn't changed anything other than omitting spiro, and I eat relatively well. I just couldn't take it! My cheeks right near my nose started breaking out with cysts. I never break out in that area. *sigh* I called in to my derm and she gave me three more months. But now I'm left battling these cysts on my cheeks. And to think I was 100% clear! I feel like I've just shot myself in the foot.
  10. It's been about 10 days since I stopped taking spiro. I completely stopped wearing makeup in order to give it a fair trial. I only wore makeup once or twice a week anyway, so it's not that big of a change. I just didn't want to have anything interfere. So far, I've just had one or two whiteheads that went away quickly. Maybe this is just me being weird, but I feel like my face looks redder and sort of splotchy since I've stopped taking it. On a non-skin related note, my self esteem has t
  11. I drink beer regularly and it's never caused any breakouts. Like dscully, I drink local brewed. Wine has never broken me out, either, and neither has whiskey. If I ever break out from alcohol, it's after something sugary like a pina coloda.
  12. I've asked, she won't. The most she'll do is two. I'm not quite sure why. I'd go somewhere else, but her office is the only dermatology clinic in my area without driving an hour. It's really a pain. Will do! I must say, if I can manage to get her to refill another dose via phone, I will probably stay on it. Giving her a call this afternoon. I'm prepared to beg and plead, haha.
  13. I'm stopping Spironolactone in a few days. My prescription ran up, and I'm so tired of having to go to the dermatologist once every month to get a new Rx. I have a high co-pay, and I'm over it. Anyway, I'm currently 100% clear and I'm terrified to mess something up . Will stopping cause my skin to start breaking out again? I'm currently still on: Birth control (Tri Nessa) Tazorac 0.05% Finacea
  14. Oooh, I'll have to try that! I wish I would have found this years ago. It's fantastic!
  15. So what I've been using that's really helped my red marks is a honey and tumeric mask. It's really helped loads, and I've just used it three times over the past week. Thought I'd share in case anyone wants to try it . 1 tablespoon raw honey 1/2 teaspoon tumeric mix it up, and rub it into skin. Let it sit 20 minutes, and wash it off. I normally do it sitting in a warm bath. I feel like it helps it absorb better. I use my regular face wash shortly after. It leaves your skin so soft and br