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  1. Just wanted to say, the 3 liters over 3 hours for 7 days was 1 time per day. Or just drink 3L per day for 7 days.
  2. I've been acne free for about 6 years now. My acne started in about grade 6 and got bad enough to warrant accutane twice in high school. Accutane helped but it eventually came back after the second time - though not as bad, but bad enough that I'd have really deep acne that lasted for a long time. I tried a ton of home remedies but nothing ever really helped long term until I heard drinking lemon water was good for it. So I started drinking a ton of lemon water but my body didn't love all the le
  3. I should also add that I've been tracking my water intake, and my average water intake is just under 4L. Some day's I'll drink up to 8L, some days only 2 (like on weekends when we're busy). But I don't stress out about it, I think like any treatment or lifestyle decision, it has to organically fit into your day. Going back to my comment about urine however, that is a good indicator of whether or not your hydrated and it should be light yellow/clear and odorless. It's all about balancing your own
  4. I think listening to your body is important. I try to have a full bottle of water near me throughout the day, and sometimes I drink it fast, sometimes slow. I think when it becomes dogmatic, as in, "I need to get 5 liters in before bed" it's not as helpful because your stressing it out and coming from a place of negative point of view. Rather, I believe coming from a place of love and healing will support balance. I've read come across a couple amazing books lately but I'm hesitant to post becau
  5. Wow, thanks for this post! I've heard about juicing but I'm going to give it a try now. I recently healed my acne after about 10 years (in a different way), but this sounds like a way to not only make my skin healthier, but my whole body energized. Thanks again!
  6. So sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I'll try and answer everything in this one reply. 1. I'm up for about 16 hours every day and drink about 8 liters of water. It's really only a half liter per hour, and to look at how little a half liter of water is, it's actually quite a small amount. I just try and always have a water bottle handy and am actually very surprised at how much my body will actually drink if I've always got one next to me. I did a bit of research on acidic vs. alkaline fo
  7. I wanted to post here because I've battled with acne for over 10 years. I always wondered why my skin was breaking out. I tried accutane 8 years ago with great results, and it permanently got rid of some acne but most of it came back. A couple months ago, I drastically increased my water intake simply with a focus to be more healthy. I drink about 8 liters of water a day. I buy organic lemons and squeeze 1-2 lemons throughout the day and add it to my water. I started to eat less junkfood and go