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  1. Hey guys, I haven't updated in almost two months but I figured I would today since tomorrow will be the start of my last month on accutane ! I am beyond happy with my results and my overall experience over the past 4 months on accutane. Accutane has been so good to me. No initial break put and clearing started very early on. The only thing I can really complain about is having chapped lips all the time but hey, better than acne ! As you know if you've read my blog, I started accutane when
  2. Hey guys! I haven't updated in a while but that's because nothing new has really happened just improving day by day ! I'm basically 100% clear, only a week and a half into my 3rd month on accutane. I've stopped wearing make up on my skin and I've stopped using acne cleansers everyday, I'll usually use every other day or so. I'm so incredibly happy, all I wanted was to be clear for my 20th birthday and with it being 2 weeks away it looks like I definitely will be which is super exciting ! My lips
  3. Day 50 wow almost two months on accutane complete! My skin is looking really good lately and I don't feel like i need to wear makeup at all really. I havent gotten a new spot in about 2 weeks, its amazing. I'm still struggling a little bit with blackheads but its getting better and better everyday and so is my scarring. I saw my dermatologist over the weekend and even he said i am looking good. This is so exciting I havent felt this pretty and confident in a very long time. I can finally fee
  4. Hey everyone! Things with my skins have been okay. I've noticed my skin is alot less dry, like I dont have to put moisturizer all over my face anymore, so i dont know if that means my body is getting used to 40mg?? I will ask my derm in 2 weeks when I go back for my visit. Acne wise, i dont have any spots right now but i just don't really like the appearance of my skin, to me it looks tired and worn out but that could just be me overanalyzing. I just wish everything wouild smooth out. Has an
  5. Glad to hear you're clearing up today ! Hope it only gets better (:
  6. Quick little update !!!!! Eeeeekkk got a little pimple on the bottom/corner of my lip!!!! I hate it, im wondering if its from all the chapsticks and other ointments i've been slathering on my lips? Also my face is a little reddish/pinkish the past couple days and a little more sensitive. I just want this stupid little pimple gone !!!!! My eyes have been pretty dry lately too. Welp that is all for right now lolol (:
  7. Hey everyone, happy April and happy 30 days on Accutane! Month 1 is over yahoooo!!!! Not much to update on since my last update, just blackheads are continuing to surface and dissappear. I feel like every 3-5 days they will get really bad and then like fall out and then it happens again. Just trying really hard not to squeeze!!! Other than that, no actives, im pretty clear. My scarring is getting better and so is my skintone. My face and lips are still super dry but not anything cerave moist
  8. So just a little update- Yesterday was kind of a weird day for my skin. I picked at my blackheads that were pushing out and i will NEVER do that again. My skin was so red and irritated and basically just hurt and it looked pretty awful so I put on make up for the rest of the day to hide the red marks i created. I also now have a small cystic on my cheek. It's not very noticeable but i hope it goes away soon. Other than the red marks, blackheads, and that cystic I was smooth. So that was
  9. Thanks for commenting (: I know it's not a good idea to drink on accutane, you're right but it is hard to resist when all your friends are partying yah know? but after this weekend i'm steering clear of it for a while for sure. (: I think the only reason i'm doing so well is because my acne was very under control when i started accutane, also i take an antibiotic with it. It's still early in the game for me so you never know what could pop up (hopefully nothing)!! Hang in there!! My
  10. So here's just another update and happy 3 weeks on accutane! My skin seems to be doing really well, alot of all those blackheads I saw coming out have dissappeared and I couldn't be happier right now! I saw my derm on Saturday and my blood tests and platelets were perfect and wrote me a script for my next 30 days! yay! So skinwise everythings looking pretty good, wayyyyy less blackheads, seems to me my pores are looking smaller and my skin and hair are barely oily at all as oppose to how
  11. Thanks for commenting! I know I really need to stop but it's like a weird mental block with me but ive been using it very sparingly on like small spots just because it's like an ocd thing. Also sucks because i HATE the way moisturizer feels on my face, even if it is a light one, but i have to deal with it or my face would fall off. lol Cool (: time really does go by pretty fast and even now 2 or 3 days later from this post the blackheads have been dissappearing. My skin is like moderate pers
  12. Sooooo like i've been reading alot on this site, its very common for people around day 15-21 to get like an exersion of blackheads :/. Welp this is currently happening! I knew something would have to come up sooner or later!!! I've read almost every comment on them and people say they should just completely fall out in a few weeks. Hopefully they do because this is terrible and the most i've ever seen on my face at once. Ofcourse i'm staring an inch away from the mirror examining, but it's hard
  13. 16 days on accutane! I can't say i notice much of a difference skin wise. Still only 2 or 3 very small barely noticable pimples, showing up in kind of the same area, not bad though. Everywhere else is pretty smooth. My skin seems to be getting dryer and a little more tender and red. I should probably stop using the topicals soon, but it is just such a hard habit to get out of. My lips are definitely very dry and chapped but i just keep applying chapstick/aquaphor/carmex/etc. !!! Still no
  14. So i've been on accutane for already 11 days! I am still not experiencing any severe side effects, just the common chapped, dry lips and slightly dry skin. Also i've had no sign of an initial breakout (yet). Again this might be because of the antibiotic i'm on- Ampicillin 500mg twice daily. I've had maybe 2 or 3 very small active spots that have came and went in about 3 days, not even. I'm feeling pretty hopeful and this is probably the best i've looked in a long time. So far my face sti
  15. Hey guys, So i don't know if anyone is even reading this, but its been one week on Accutane! I can't say that i notice any side effects besides my lips starting to dry up and my body being itchy. For what it's worth my skin actually feels pretty smooth right now, just 2 or 3 very small barely active pimples. I'm finding a few spots on my face are like indented and feels like a pitted scar but at my dermatologist visit yesterday he assured me those indented spots are due to inflammation and s