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  1. Quit with the at home remedies and go see a physician specializing in cyst removal. They will most likely excise the cyst. The reason you need to stop trying to address this yourself is that cysts can reappear in the same spot. The excision will minimize this risk, although it is always a possibility. They will also give you an anti-scar cream to minimize post-op scarring.
  2. Ibuprofen One of the ingredients in ibuprofen is salicyclic acid, commonly used to treat acne and there are studies that suggest oral ingestion of ibuprofen can help with acne. However, there is absolutely no correlation between ibuprofen improving the efficacy of antibiotic "absorption." Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory that may help with the swelling on the face, but like many other drugs, if it is taken in such high dosages (400mg twice a day) on a daily basis then your body will build a t
  3. Orlando158: Whey concentrate and whey isolate protein (used in protein shakes consumed by many weight lifters) contain IGF-1, short for Insulin-like growth factor. It is a hormone found in milk. IGF-1 will cause increased sebum production on the skin (your reasoning behind the cause of acne) as well as keratinocytes (skin cells) to multiply more rapidly than normal. Whey protein contains the IGF-1 hormone, because it is derived from commercially processed milk. Weight lifting itself has
  4. I'm a 25 year old male that has had issues with acne dating back to when I was 17. I know how much acne sucks. It's embarassing! Especially once you reach your early to mid twenties, and are supposed to have reached early adulthood. I've been there and obviously the large population on this forum suggests that plenty of others are or have been there as well. Just know that it won't stay that way so stay positive. I love the fact that there are forums full of support from others. This will