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  1. That's weird you have that. I get it bad on my forehead but that's usually when I have my hair to long and when its soccer season. I would talk to your derm and see what he or she has to say. Also I thought that acne around the mouth and chin was hormonal acne but I could be wrong.
  2. Don't worry about it. It will happen eventually just don't seem desperate or anything. All my friend talks about is girls and more girls even when we were at the beach the other day and it's just annoying. Plus there are people who are in there early 20's (22,23) and they only just started getting a lot of girls. I don't think it's even all that like it's made out to be. I personally would rather have a girlfriend then some hook ups
  3. Try eating healthier, going to the gym, playing sports,etc. Drink a lot of water to Most importantly don't worry about going out. You will miss out on life and if someone judges you on acne then they are not worth it. You didn't ask for acne in fact none of us did and people should realize that
  4. I would try what the person above me said as well Also no one should judge you on your acne. You didn't volunteer to get it and you are trying to get rid of it.
  5. I don't know what stuff you take but I don't wash my face with anything. I just drink a lot of water and have fruits. Only time I have diary is if it's in my supper. I don't know if that's cause or not. I find it hard to believe that toothpaste would cause it.
  6. Do you sweat a lot? Take any prework out or protein shakes?
  7. It's probably hormonal. Also do you do a lot of stuff outside? Sports, run,etc?
  8. Coming on here won't do anything. My friend has acne and he gets girls, same with me. It's about confidence. Also girls are choosers becuse guys get so desperate to get with them they put the vagi*as on the pedalstole so just act yourself like who cares. A girl will come alone I will guarantee you that.
  9. I just say that it's not like I put up my f***ing hand and asked for acne.
  10. The only thing I think about when I get stressed out is that no matter how much I wish, get angry and give up my acne won't go away. So I might as well go out and enjoy life because like I said nothing I can say or do will rid me of the pimples. Also I think drinking does effect your face. Just drink every once in a while Also you said yourself it you get stressed out you seem to have breakouts so just take a breather because it will make it worse
  11. I am curious to see what people say. My cousin asked a girl out and they have been friends for a while. He was telling me that he finally asked her out and she said no because of his acne. Said it straight to his face. I was so shocked that some people can be so ignorant. As anyone else had this happen to them?
  12. What's the point in worrying about something you can't control? You shouldn't be worried. No one and I mean no one should judge someone off acne. It would be different if you sat home all day eating greasy food, and gaming but even then you shouldn't judge someone off that. Who cares? If you let it bother you people will be able to tell and that's not good
  13. I get this to. When I drink liquor and eat fast food. I can avoid fast food though but I am turning 19 soon and I am in Canada so I will be able to drink soon and I am stressing out. I want to go out with friends and stuff but it's hard for me to decide if it's worth it or not.
  14. Hello everyone I am 18 and over summer my acne has gotten a lot better but my confidence still remains dangerously low. In high school I didn't have a lot of friends I was just the kid you kind of saw everyday. I had braces, acne and glasses. So I never really got girls up until the last couple months when I got my first girlfriend and first kiss Now I want to meet someone but when I want to approach a girl or something I always back out because I look at my face and it destroys my confidence.
  15. Drink water and eat more healthy. Water is huge for everything. When your body is hydrated and clean it can produce at the way it's suppose to That's when you go out and drink you are suppose to drink water through the day and after because it increases your body vanuariblity