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  1. hi ladies: if i want to have my period a couple days earlier, can I stop taking the last couple active yellow pills for a few days? Thanks
  2. did anyone experience any breakthrough bleeding while on both of them? I heard being on antibotics might increase the chance of breakthrough bleeding, true? thanks
  3. would Retin A helps fade those reddness? thanks.
  4. I have couple ice pick scars and they are kinda red/pink, would the reddness be eventually gone or at least get lighter? thanks
  5. Does antibotics affect the menstrual cycle? some ppl told me their period stop for a while after taking antibotics for a while. Is that true?
  6. is this a good combination? Im worry to start two new medicines together? any input would be helpful. thanks
  7. has anyone experienced that? is this side effect going to go away soon? thanks
  8. is it normal to break out for 12 weeks straight?
  9. My doc put me on Yasmin for my PCOS problem, is that enough or does any ladies here had any experience w/ this? Also im noticing that im having lots of facial hair, is laser a good option? thanks
  10. im intersted in taking Yasmin, any side effects I should watch out for? thanks
  11. does it decrease ur oil production? seems like my skin is less oily since I've been using it anyone has the same experience?
  12. mine last until week 8! and it was horrible
  13. I have really oily skin, does this lotion helps? also where can I get it? thanks.
  14. anyone used it before? Is it good for sensitve acne prone skin? thanks.