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  1. Hey!! I have always used Bobbi Brown Bronzer... check out www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com... as my everyday bronzer and Stila Sun as my darker bronzer.. Drugstore brands that work well are Quo and Physicians Formula.. which I know are non-comedogenic...
  2. i am an avid user of Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in medium... i love it!!! i just enjoy the bronze and its gives a matte finish... just gorgeous... i also have used the blemish cover up stick... it was too oily for my oily skin and after a couple hours the coverage wore off even when topped with a powder to seal it.. i also have used the oil blotting powder... its ok... but just for dabbing up shine not good for coverage (i guess not eh? duh**) I have some bobbi borwn blushes as well... i fin
  3. i agree... Laura Mercier Wet/Dry foundation.. 40$ in Canada is my favourite.. good coverage and such a quick covering application... Bentley**
  4. Hey all, I have been on Diane 35 (while on accutane). then Alesse (not strong enough), then Triqular and now Marvelon 21... has anyone reading this been on Marvelon? what are the side effects.... any weight gain or better skin results from being on it? Holla Bentley**
  5. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has had success with Vitamin A gel at the 0.001% dosage? Has it cleared your whiteheads/black heads up? Bentley**
  6. BAHHHH i have the same problems black heads and whiteheads around my lip area and in my lip creases.. like along my lip line... sooo flipping annoying.. my derm said it maybe related to lip gloss and that i shoud use vasaline.. because the molecules in it are too big to block pores.... also the derm has me on vitamin A acid 0.001% gel... to dry up the whiteheads.. wish me luck!!
  7. Hey all, My derm has put me on the topical treatment of Vitamin A 0.001% gel for my white heads to dry them up. Has anyone had success with this?? I find it very drying... like im peeling even with heavy non-acneagenic moisturizer on top.. and i need to exfoliate the drying skin every shower time.. i can literally rub the dead skin off my face in the shower ... yuck!! but it is supposed to dry those annoying whiteheads out.... I currently have oily skin, with a whitehead popping up once a d
  8. Hey, I have the liquid foundation and mattifying powder, along with the powder foundation... i found i could not find the best colour for my skin tone in the liquid foundation and powder foundation... the liquid foundation i also found oily when applied and when its on the skin and very fake *i look like i am wearing make-up..fake*... The only success i have had is with the oil bloting powder... its wonderful and I use it everday... overtop of m foundation currently Almay Skin Stays Clear in B
  9. Hey all, For moisturizers I've always stuck with Cetaphil until I came across La-Roche Posay products. They have a line called EFFACLAR for oily/acne prone skin. Has anyone tried any of these products? How about their line called HYDRAPHASE? for dehydrated skin? Any success anyone???!! Bentley*
  10. Hey all: Has anyone ever gone for a deep cleansing facial for oily/acne prone skin with extractions? i am contimplating one because i have mild to moderate acne with about one cyst a month and a crap load of whiteheads that i can feel if i touch my face but havent really come to a head yet to the naked eye... anyways, i can feel all these bumps which have been there forever and i just want them to go away and get cleaned out... what do you think?
  11. I am from the Toronto region and purchased Bare Escentuals mineral makeup starter kit at sephora... it really was not that good and i currently rarely use it... it didnt give me the coverage i needed and my skin got oddly shiny with it after only as short amount of time... so i simpy stick to almay stays clear foundation and cover fx oil blotting pressed powder on top for coverage... Bentley*
  12. AHHHH i lover stila.. the best eyeshadow ever.. i tid bit pricey but it is totaly worth it! You can work with them wet and dry... and they disperse just the right amount of pigment... and they blend wonderfully! I Love Stila eyeshadows!
  13. i apply foundation with a sponge.. so i can blot it to add more coverage and swipe it where i need less... i top it off with oil controlling powder using a fluffy brush.. if i need more major coverage i apply maquicomplet concealer with my clean finger or a concealer brush... *Bentley*
  14. Oh my dear, I feel the same way!!! I even sometimes go to bed with makeup on *i know big no no!!* but sometimes i feel my skin is so... bad that i cant bare to let my bf see it the way it is.. all the scars.. and redness... i know i shouldnt feel this way,... but it is a confidence thing with me,.... he has always seen me with somewhat *perfect* even looking skin with the odd raised bump... we are often out on the water as well and i cannot put my head underneath the water for fear my makeup
  15. Hello ladies! Recently, I have began applying foundation right after moisturizer. I mean directly after putting moisturizer on. ok, ok i maybe wait about a minute but the moisturizer has not completely absorbed. I tend to have an oily t-zone, but due to blemish fighting creams I get dry patches by midday. This foundation application seems to not allow for so many dry patches and it looks smoother on. My daily regimen includes: Shower in the AM and exfoliate with a Salycylic based cleans