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  1. I have been told that I have clogged pores and mild acne. I have lots of skin coloured bumps on my face - does this mean I have sensitive skin, or does it just mean I have clogged pores like I have thought?
  2. Hmmm, I'm still unsure about this.... I really wouldn't mind spending the extra cash to buy some of Dan's BP gel, but I have doubts that this is the right thing for me... The main thing that troubles me is these bumps I have under my skin (which are clogged pores), but I do get a few red-ish spots here and there (mild acne). Below are some clippets on what I have found about BP that made me decide to try it out: Keratolytics like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resosrcinol and sulphur are
  3. Oops my signature was wrong (I have fixed it now) - I apply BP and then moisturise. Well spotted! I have been using PanOxyl for almost 4 weeks now and I am still finding it drying... Infact I am finding it more drying than it was at the start! I wouldn't say Dan's is exactly 'cheap' though, as it would cost £10 just for it to be sent to the UK for me!! I am still sort of wondering if the BP is actually going to work for me... I have clogged pores and mild acne, but so far all the BP is
  4. My redness lasts all night! I do tend to keep checking to see and yep, it IS still red!!! Perhaps my skin is more sensitive than I realised??!!
  5. Hi, I am currently using PanOxyl 2.5% BP and I find it quite drying, but I was wondering if Dan's BP really was less drying, or its just that people's skins have become used to the BP instead? Also, how much PanOxl should I be using? It comes out in a thin-ish line like the Neutrogena one, so I am using 2 fingers full like in Dan's pictures, is this right? To those people who use PanOxyl - how much do you use? Thanks!
  6. *Slight hijack* I started using Eucerin's moisturiser 5 days ago and it stings on my skin a little (hurt more the first 2 days I used it), but the main thing is that it makes my skin RED!! Does anyone else have this problem with it? Did this happen too when you started using it?
  7. Hi all, I started using Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream (UK) on Friday and it really does moisturise, but it makes my skin red!! For that reason I use Simple Light Hydrating Moisturing Fluid during the day. However, I am not finding it moisturising enough... My chin area is very flaky, and so I was wondering if anyone could reccommend another moisturiser I could use in the day (without AHA's, as this must be what is making my skin red)? Also, has anyone else had the same experience wi
  8. Thanks very much for the replies Brandy and kei_fujo! That link was very interesting, thanks kei_fujo I think I am going to continue with the BP for 3 months and then if that hasn't worked I shall try SA instead. I shall start using the Eucerin moisturiser as well, as that contains an AHA, so hopefully that should help also. The beauticians I have seen have said that I have mild acne and clogged pores, so perhaps the BP will help both? I have read somewhere that BP goes deep down as we
  9. After reading a bit more I see that Dan says SA with BP can cause irritation, so I think I will abandon the whole BHA moisturiser idea for now... Does the Eucerin AHA moisturiser that Dan recommends really work? What is its best quality?
  10. Come on people, you must be able to help me with this one... Pleeeeaaassseeeee
  11. I have been reading about BHA's (Beta Hydroxy Acid) and they are supposed to be very good at unclogging pores, which is exactly what I am looking for! Only problem is I think SA is a BHA, and that may not be very good to use whilst I am using BP...
  12. I have heard that AHA's are better for moisturising the skin and BHA's are better for unclogging pores. So perhaps this is what I need. Does anyone know of the ingredients that are supposed to be very good to use for unclogging pores? (Ingredients such as SA for example). Or any links to sites that contain a list?
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good BHA moisturisers available in the UK?
  14. No I haven't seen my doctor about it... So say it is just clogged pores, what are the main 'ingredients' that unclogs them?
  15. Hi all, I am getting increasingly confused the more I read up on things on the Internet... I have been trying to get rid of these 'bumps' that are under the surface of my skin for years, but nothing I have tried has managed it... When I went to see a beautician, she said that I had clogged pores and mild acne. That's when I found this site and started the BP regime. These bumps that I mentioned feel like they are hald under my skin and half on the surface, and I want to bring them to the s