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  1. Although I don't have acne as bad as you I know how it feels to try everything and get no results. But maybe that's the problem. You're trying too many things. Some people have a style of cleansing where they don't even cleanse at all!! It's called "The Cave man" routine. Basically you don't put ANY chemicals on your skin at all (face and body). You only use water and even then, don't touch your face while your cleaning your face with water. ( so in the shower just let it wash straight out from
  2. Hey guys I have just recently (within the last few days) gotten a BIG pimple in the gap between my eyebrows (sometimes referred to as the T-zone). I popped it and now it is inflamed and red (not extremely but it's very noticeable). Yes I know I shouldn't have done it but it was hurting so much to the point where I couldn't get to sleep. Anyway I wanted to know how I can get it to form a scab quicker rather than just linger around as a sore and inflamed bump with what seems like an "open" scab.