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  1. i've come across a lot of posts i could relate to on these forums, but this has to sum up my feelings spot on. i mean, i feel like i was at the exact stages in life you are describing here, and just like you, am at that uncomfortable place right now, where motivation is hard to find. I too was in my "safe zone", working a job i truly enjoyed, earning three times the avg. salary (was only 21 at the time), respected by my peers and loved by my friends (even though i was reserved and never rea
  2. honestly, as stated above me, you're a good looking guy, even with your acne, so you have everything to be optimistic about because your acne and scars will diminish with the years and so will your looks improve even more. heck, once you're able to grow some beard that will take away the focus from any marks or acne you might still have. i know all of us here are good at giving advice but struggle to implement it fully in our lives, and that's kind of normal i guess, it isn't the easiest aff
  3. i wouldn't worry too much. inflamed skin takes time to heal and flatten, and just becuase you've squeezed out the gunk doesn't mean the area is fully healed, or would heal in days time for that matter. this wasn't probably your everyday small whitehead. i'm talking from experience saying that some of them take time to fully heal..a good couple of weeks IS possible. it's unlikely it would scar in the form of a raised bump. leave it alone, and don't squeeze the gunk out next time you enco
  4. I can definitely relate to that to some extent. in my acne (or at least worry) - free days i used to be outgoing and usually the centre of every social event or gathering of my friends. nowadays it varies. i find that with people that know me from my pre acne days i'm still able to draw out those social skills. that is if i'm not in a terrible mood due to a more than average breakout, resulting in me giving excuses and skipping the event (which probably hurt my friendships the most) or just
  5. it does look like a scar but.... a.take in mind that scars can and will probably soften and heal some on their own and in a years time it might look better. b.it's just a tiny scar located on the side of your face and not in a "prime" location. other than that, some scarring adds personality to your face and it's nothing to get you down about.
  6. first, just to strengthen you on the height issue - 5'7 really isn't bad, i don't know what part of the world you live in (uk?) but it's just short of average,defintely shouldn't cause you any worries. i mean, most of the girls are shorter than you, and that's what matters at the end of the day as for the acne- you haven't gone in depth explaining your situation, but i can assure you that as long as you keep making some effort (dont let it consume you), and consult a dermatologist once in
  7. well try to eat as fresh as possible, avoid processed foods, increase your veggies and fruits intake, and drink lots of water! try to cut down on dairy and gluten products. i'm not saying taking them off your diet completely, but think twice before snacking on them, as they are usually a quick and easy fix. that said, don't expect a miracle right away, or a major improvement in your acne, as usually acne isn't solely caused by a bad diet. remember though, it will have a good impact
  8. i'm no expert on the shaving bit as i let mine grow and my acne isn't located there anyway, but if you feel like your skin may be a bit irritated from shaving i urge you to have a look in the shaving forum, i bet they have some products and tips. as for the regimen you're followng, it actually sounds pretty solid (i've been using the neutrogena product myself, although now i use the garnier 3 in 1 which i find helpful)..how long have you been using it? have you seen any improvement at all? i
  9. well, it looks like the whole area is pretty irritated and you still have a few fresh pimples. as long as you keep getting new acne there the skin will have hard time recovering properly. are you using anything to treat the skin there? wash, moisturizer,bp.. etc? do you shave regularly? shaving can aggravate your acne by quite a bit if not done correctly, i'm pretty sure there are plenty of threads around here with tips for shaving properly. anyway, by looking at those pics i cant see a
  10. They call me boombastic!

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      nah i was just messing with ya...you actually get credit for knowing only one song by him.

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  11. I can't really explain what it is exactly that you're experiencing, but i can tell you that i've had a few similar cases to what you're describing, thinking they would never go away, but they always did. even when they felt hard,lumpy and not sore..i just kept exfoliating with sa and eventually they were practically non existent. it can take some time though, even a couple of months.
  12. you are a pretty girl with mild acne, nothing to worry about don't take their comments to heart, it might sound like a cliche', but this sort of behaviour usually comes from envy. seems like you've got your regimen figured and that's important. you are young and acne is very common at that age. while your acne is temporary and not your fault, their bad manners and shitty behaviour is harder to get rid of and totally their fault.
  13. heya how long have you been using said wash? have you seen any improvement? it is important not to give up, sometimes it takes time for visible progress. if you havent seen any improvement and been using the wash for quite some time you can always try to mix it up and try a different brand (i found the 3 in 1 wash by garnier to be really helpful with my adult acne). other than that, you can give the acne.org regimen a try, it's been said to be really helpful by many. if you feel
  14. sounds like closed comedones, which are basically clogged pores, if they are not inflamed or hurt it's probably the case. they can be pretty pesky and hard to get rid of, but using a salicylic acid based scrub daily (i recommend either neutrogena or garnier brands), not too harshly, will provide you with results in a matter of weeks.
  15. well, you suggested yourself your diet may be affecting your acne, so i would start by eating healthier and cutting on dairy and gluten ( no need to go overboard). you seem to suffer from a bit of facial redness which makes it look a little worse than in would otherwise. may be you're over doing it with face washes etc? that said, your acne is mild, and quite normal for your age bracket, so i really wouldn't stress about it all. go out , have fun, and don't let it go in the way of pu