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  1. Dude, everyone has differing opinions and everyon's bodies work and react in different ways. accept that
  2. Well you could figure it out by clicking on the purchase page on the home page and calculate it, It should show you your total cost including shipping before you have to commit to actually buying it. As far as the time you would spend applying it, probably about 5 minutes twice a day? I have never used the regimen so I am not sure if you are supposed to use it twice a day, morning and night, but that is my guess. You could try a more natural approach
  3. Yay! I am happy to hear that your face is still doing well Im beginning to try to avoid oils as well starting today after reading your story
  4. I had been using manuka honey on my face the past few days and my face was not red :S I do think it was clogging my pores a bit though so I am not going to continue making it a daily thing
  5. Some alcohol, if not all, I am not sure since I do not drink that much Contains yeast, and yeast for some can cause acne
  6. You should return it My sisters boyfriend bought her xout and she does not use it
  7. Could be folliculitis from shaving maybe?
  8. You should do some research on google about this, a lot of people have side effects from using accutane, a lot of long term side effects that some deem not worth it. Not everyone will be affected the same though
  9. I generally try not to have.much oily food or nuts, i eat fruit alot, i just don't understand, I definitely break out more if I have dairy and to much sugar, but I haven't ate any in months,and I'm real strict about it. What about high fat? Like coconut oil? Or Avocado maybe? I'm not sure, I am going to try not having much fat and not using coconut oil as often to see if that helps my case at all, and oh my gosh no more sunflower seed butter for me xD It is so high and fat and that could be ca
  10. Hmmm, do you eat grains? Try cutting out all grains for awhile? How about nuts? A lot of nuts can make your skin more oily apparently. Also high fat can do that, with your cutting out dairy and sugar, are you increasing your fat and nut intake? I just read this whole forum last night about a girl who cut out fats, like oils etc besides a little bit of EVOO i believe, and her skin cleared up and became less oily? Its worth a shot
  11. When I would use it as a toner, I feel like I typically always got milder small zits from it. I have been taking it internally for a bit, and I am kind of noticing the same thing. I have heard that it causes purging, so maybe thats what it is