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  1. Well, unfortunately I didn't stick 100% to Magnesium. In December I started applying topical ACV, but it mostly just broke me out and left red spots and scars. In the meantime I stopped with the Magnesium. But I reintroduced it a couple of days ago. I'm sorry I can't give you a proper update. And since I am 100% sure my acne and my hair loss is connected, I researched it more, and now I'm sure it's caused by DHT overproduction. If you're interested, check out this post: So now I
  2. Okay, I'm back. In the past 2 months I've been experimenting with a whole spectrum of supplements. Magnesium Zink Vitamin D Vitamin B Iodine Selenium L-Carnitine Chromium Omega 3 and some other stuff that I don't remember Seemingly none of the supplements made any difference, except for Magnesium. It did reduce my acne (I wouldn't say it cured it), and it also stopped my hair loss. I get the feeling that my hair loss and acne is related. So I had been on magnesium for a few weeks,
  3. Interesting, because I've been taking Magnesium for a few days now, and it decreased my blood pressure. And I think it increased my insulin sensitivity. I have no new pimples at the moment. We'll see in a couple of weeks if it really works or not. I promise I will come back with results, good or bad.