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  2. Thanks for being active, and posting. This site has givin me a lot of courage to fight acne. It has been bugging me for a while and this site is constantly helping me feel better about myself. My girlfriend is always supportive, but I really need to come to grips with it. Thanks guys/and gals. Good luck with your battles! I will be fighting along side of you. Thoughts.
  3. My progress with moderate acne.
  4. People keep teasing you? I had moderatly severe...thankfully I have got it under control for the most part now...just red marks left over from them that I have to get rid of...thankfully people at my school have a lot more compassion... Anyways dont let it get you down, it can really bum you out and make you believe your acne is WAY worse then it actually is. I wouldn't reccomend popping as it can cause infection. Its probly going to take a few days for the swelling to go down...just keep using
  5. And she said that whatever I do to NOT I repeat NOT use Salicylic Acid she said its like putting a wart remover on your face... So now im all like :S because my skin has become dry. Im afraid to use it anymore but I thought it was working pretty good :s. What do i do?
  6. I have had acne on both side of my cheeks...thats where I usually break out. Recently I have found a regimen that really cuts back on the ammount of breakout I get to usually one pimple every 2-3 pimples in 3 days...Im very happy about that but unfortunately when I had more severe acne I still have red dots that seem to be under the skin...they arent holes...or bumps but just left over dots...im wondering if these are scars and if they are how do I get rid of them? Thanks alot.
  7. Hey I am male and I am 17. I have been fighting acne ever since my early teens...luckily it hasent been the worst I have ever seen but FAR from the best. My worst problem is not the zits themselves...but the marks they leave behind...I have like a line from my sideburn to the middle of my cheek full of leftover zit marks...and they take SO long to go away. Im wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up the process... I have about 5 active pimples on my face at the moment. Also, here is
  8. Ok, First of all before you start I have Dalocin T. A Doctor Prescribed med which basicly does the same thing as 1% benzoyl peroxide on the market. Ok You need: Dalocin T or 1% benzoyl peroxide gel. Spectro Derm Face Wash Moisturizer Water and your Hands Ok here is my regimen which is yielding quick and effective results...within the first week you should notice clearing. At least with my skin I did. Before I start I must s
  9. Dalocin T is a doctor prescribed acne treatment...I have been using it with a combination of anitbiotics and spectro-derm face wash...First the effects were good, and then it flared up again and then it leveled off, then flared up again. I am currently sticking to it (this site gave me some more motivation) and I am hoping to see some relief soon. Anyone ever use Dalocin T? It is a dab applier that you apply to acne prone areas and it sinks into your skin...it dries them up but also doesnt irr