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  1. it's all a mind set. who cares what others think. we all live, we all die and only you can cause grief in your life by letting others get to you. nobody is better then anyone else, we are all just unique.
  2. OK you people are just messed......i think i would continue looking for another solution. my acne must not be quite as severe as some peoples, wholly shizah....nasty. your gf's must think that's so hot mmmmmm.
  3. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.........i have no idea how this company has become so well know. society (including me) is retarded. you get a hot girl advertising a product and whoa, bye bye money. chances are jessica simpson has never used it, but i bet she got a nice sum of money to say that she did.
  4. LMFAO, new medical info......MASTURBATION CAUSES ACNE! that's too funny! Agreed though Proactiv sucks ASS! i wasted so much money on that shit at first it worked awesome, and after about 2 months (approx the same length as their guarantee haha) my acne came back 3x worse. has anybody ever tried anything internal on their acne? apparently from some info i've been reading on here acne is caused by toxin build up and some claim a body detox can help with acne....is this true?
  5. please help, this is getting retarded...,....i have tried everything to clear up my acne and nothing works (proactiv, murad....and a whole shit load of drug store stuff) and nothing works. i eat a well balanced diet and drink lots of water, what the hell is wrong with me? i wash my face twice a day :S any suggestions?