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  1. Yasmin helped my acne, on yaz, I was breaking out all the time. Yaz is too low in estrogen in my opinion. Give yasmin, desogen, ortho tri cyclen or ortho cyclen a try. Also-I know many people can tolerate yasmin/yaz well (myself included), but there IS a much higher risk of having a blood clot/deep vein thrombosis than with any other pill, my doctor was adamant that I switch to something else...
  2. Hi Everyone! I was on yaz for 1 year and it did NOTHING for my skin, just as much acne as ever. I then switched to Desogen, which cleared my acne quite a bit but gave me brutal headaches and mood swings so bad I didn't know who I was anymore lol (high progestin pills don't work for me). I had to switch off desogen right away so my dr. gave me tri cyclen-lo. Took that and had great moods, no headaches, but didn't help with acne, made it worse. I am supposed to start regular ortho tri cyclen t