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  1. My face was almost 100% clear (-scars) a week ago! But then our performances started and we have to cake on the oil based makeup! I have 4 days left...WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! I broke out really bad on my cheeks and chin and ahhhh!! Does anyone know how to stop it?
  2. i have a scar on my face from chicken pocks...it dents in and is extremely bothersome to me. wait, no i think the mole in the middle of my forehead bothers me more. yes yes i'll stick with that
  3. I have a couple questions...mkay.. Does anyone know if tanning while using Retin-A is BAD? Also, I've just started working out and I wear makeup while I'm doing that...and I got this huge breakout on my cheek...is it from the makeup? And for acne scars (just a random thought) would getting the hairs on your face lasered off get rid of acne?? please help...mostly with the first two. Thank ya's
  4. Oh WOW! I was so frusterated yesterday because my skin was peeling, but I found this website about makeup that makes it so you can't see the peeling. Ohh it made me very very happy!! I used it and it did just what it promised!! Just thought I'd share what it is incase you have a similar problem - Okay, I washed my face with a moisturizing dove soap, put on about a tsp. of Velocity Lightweight Moisturizer, then I put on Revlon Colorstay Makeup (Which, for once, MATCHES MY SKIN TONE!!), and fin
  5. I don't see why not...just as long as you know about the side effects and you're willing to take a chance
  6. I'm just wondering incase the meds I'm currently on don't work, but do you have to weigh a certain weight to be on accutane? I keep hearing people talk about taking 80mg when they're 130 and stuff, but I weigh *eek* 98lbs, so would the perscription even be strong enough to treat my acne? I'm on these meds to make me gain weight because something is wrong with my system or whatever...I don't know...any thoughts? Oh, and does minocycline turn your teeth yellow?? Just curious..
  7. I've had acne since I was in 4th grade. grr. I remember one time when I was babysitting, I took them to the swimming pool...so the bastards saw me without makeup. THAT was interesting. I when we got home one of the kids said (he was 9) "WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THOSE DOTS ON YOUR FACE?" I just said, "Gee I don't know, how old are you?" "NINE" "I see" "SO WHAT ARE THEY? A DISEASE OR SOMETHING? DO YOU HAVE COOTIES?" "Yes. I do. And I will give them to you if you don't shut up. Go play with your t
  8. I used to do that about my weight...but now that I'm more into getting rid of my acne I don't really care, which I guess is a good thing..considering I'm like 10 pounds underweight, and now I realize it..kinda freaky :-s
  9. That's really close to where I live, and our school had to have a bunch of emergency procedure things incase it happened to us. There must have been something else happening to that kid...maybe he got beat up for his acne or something. Kids are mean..I have many a story.. hehe
  10. oh WOW. I just read this whole thing! You guys, no matter what you believe - God or no God - you should believe in people's feelings. Everyone that has posted on this thread had posted because they feel the need to defend their beliefs. Whether you disagree or not, you should think of the REASON they believe what they believe before you criticize them for it. Some people are more, er, enthusiastic about their beliefs, but that doesn't mean everyone has to put up a defence! I have heard sooo many
  11. I only put on a little of the BP, but man did it dry it out!! Thanks for the reply by the way I think I'm alergic to that neutrogena stuff...I'm not quite sure what's in it
  12. Ugh! Dan's regimine is evil!! I used it for two days, and I knew I would peel, but not this bad!! It's peeling so bad not even moisturizer helps!! However dumb it sounds, I even stayed home from school today because of it. Arrrgh. I'm one of the only people in my 'group of friends' with acne! AND I HATE IT!!! DIIIIIEE! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ehem, anyway, I don't know what to do!! I care alot what people think of me, even though I know I shouldn't, and grr! Acne everywhere + peeli
  13. I still think we shouldn't have hair on our face. Don't you agree? I mean really, this would solve all our acne problems!! And well, God shouldn't have put it there!! It's gross too, we have hair EVERYWHERE!!! I wish I was a fish.