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  1. Shelbyville's post in Cold Shower Vs. Hot Shower For Bacne? was marked as the answer   
    Hot water drys your skin as well as fire hot can irritate it further. So as you can see, hot water isn't good for skin. Try this: (it works for me)
    - I begin with warm water and then I move to hotter water to irritate the least as possible. Then I reduce again to warm water and end up with cold water which closes your pores and makes your skin less oily
    Good strategy, I think
  2. Shelbyville's post in Scar Tissue was marked as the answer   
    Why do animals like lizard can regrow whole members and tail and we dont? It doesnt make sense at all! Oh, what about pinapple? I read somewhere it had an enzyme that was able to "eat" the scar tissue. But... honestly, what happens to scar tissue? It was suppose to go away after some time because every cells in our body die and grow everyday. Sorry for all this messed ideas! THANK YOU ALL FOR POSTING!!!