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  1. I didnt know. Make up gives you a blurry perspective sometimes
  2. Do you have some sort of make up over it? It doesnt look too bad tbh. I think it will fill over time (not sure if 100%) - the scar tissue will reshape itselft for 6-18months, However u can try microneedling as it induces collagen production. It worked for me!
  3. Yeah, its itchy endeed. I consider them pimples however some of them look like moskito bites:small red bumps in the smilling lines (dont know whats the name of it) I just noticed my errors in the previous post xD Oh, Im not doing anything. The only thing I do is apply bp and take the allergie pills
  4. Hi everyone I may have a method capable of "killing" the pimple in an early stage. It's working for me, so I wanted to share with you (feel free to reply) When you feel a small red bump and you can't stop it, that's the worst feeling ever. Last week, I believe I got the answer to that: You need: -Benzoyl Peroxide or other bacteria-killer lotion; -Bandaid -Needle -Heat My first step is to needle the pimple, small little pricks in the surrounding are. Then, after that make
  5. Spring has just started and so did allergies. Maybe that's the reason to explain my recent breakout. I had just a small pimple here and there once in awhile but since the weather changed my acne flared up. Now, every two or three days a bunch of pimples come out. I has been 2/3 weeks and it's not any better. I don't have any allergies to dairy. Do you think it's my allergie to make my acne worse? Or the weather?
  6. If you take too much colloidal silver your skin may get a little blueish
  7. Yeah, my scars are smooth if you touch them and my skin looks also smooth however if I prick my scars I can feel different skin tissue density I really don't know if it's normal or not. I've searched a lot in the internet but I cant find anything usefull. Last year I went to my doctor for a routine appointment and in the end I asked what were these "marks" left by acne. (I was a little embarrassed and so I pretend I didn't know what that was but I knew I had some small ice pick like scars) An
  8. I bought my lotion last year and in the meantime I stopped using it. Unfortunately, this week I got a stupid breakout just 2 days before school starts!! This is been bothering so much, I mean, 2 weeks of vacation and I never had a pimple and when the school is coming 3 or 4 pimples appeared Can I apply it 1 year after I opened it? Btw, when I refer pimples, it's not whiteheads, it's red painfull small bumps.
  9. No, it isn't cystic acne i think but accutane would solve that.
  10. I never had severe acne but I've had moderate acne. I read your post once, twice... XD but now I believe I got it. As far as I understood ice pick scars are like cuts, made from outer skin to the inner layers and so all the tissue is lost. However, unlike ice pick scars, boxcars result from an internal harm so the outer layers remain intact. But, I think that doesn't explain why ice pick scars is worse. Shallow ice pick should be a lot easier to fix than shallow boxcar because boxcar are usu
  11. Thank you perigon. Can you suggest some articles or threads about ice pick scars? I didn't understand very well because English isn't my native language. Are you saying ice pick scars are even deeper than what we can see? Well, maybe I have ice pick scars because my scars are from popping and "messing around" a inflamed pimple. I know boxcars are formed because skin is pushed down to heal properly so the outer layer is unharmed but what about ice pick scars? I would be very happy if you
  12. Hi bonsai, my main concern is the discoloration. The scars itself are nothing as you've said but the colour of the scars doesn't match my skin tone. I'm trying differin at the moment and after 1 month help them much. If I got rid of the discoloration it was awesome, way more awesome than get rid of the actual dents.
  13. Me too! I'm 16 now and I got some small ice pick scars last year. How long do you have them? My scars are still discolored after 1+ yr and they are bothering me so much! Please, we can work on this together, let me help you and help me