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  1. I'm on my day 4/5 recovery and I pass through the most uncomfortable part which is day 3. I was itching, burning, and can feel the pulsating blood vessel in my face. My eyes aren't as puffy as before and I look normally now. I had multiple acne scars treatment from mechanical dermabrasion, 3x subcision/microneedling/scrupltra, so I'm not expecting chemobrasion to give me 70-90% improvement. Regardless of what the improvement resulted, I'll be moving on from acne scar treatment and with life
  2. I don't know if it can get rid of it completely. Just help soften it. You might want to contact them for consultation.
  3. I did take picture before but my skin are still very raw, swelling, and my face is cake with bismuth powder so it's hard to gauge any improvement from the puffiness. It's supposed to help with all scars since the second day he use his instruments to go over the problem area. I'll keep you guys updated. The recovery does seem more intense just like mechanical dermabrasion if not worst than what I remembered.
  4. I am on day 3 and I'm feeling a little bit better to talk about my experience. I am Asian male and had 2 days phenol chemobrasion with Dr Rullan. Prior to procedure, he had order EKG and lab done to make sure everything is normal. I also took antibiotic and antiviral a day before the procedure. He noticed I had some keloid on my chest and offer to take care of it. My previous medical history regarding to acne scar include mechanical dermabrasion ( the late Dr Y in New Orlean) and 4 su
  5. It's been 2 months since I did my 4th subcisions + phenol + microneedling + sculptra Dr Rullan is using the machine to inject lidocain so it's less painful now and quicker to numb the entire face. He also isn't using the liberator anymore and going back to the previous method. I see significant improvement early in the morning but that's when my skin is plump up (close to 70% in the morning). I still have some textural issues and rolling scars (not from the scars) so the appearance of
  6. Look good. I also have 3 subcisions, cross, and microneedling with sculptra with Dr Rullan. Tomorrow will be my 4th treatment. Did Dr Rullan recommend volbella? Are you planning to do chemobrasion?
  7. I do agree with you that he isn't very aggressive with phenol cross and too agressive on subcision. I'll schedule my third subcision next month with him
  8. I didn't put aquaphor and I scabbed on both of my subcision, cross, microneedling.
  9. Yes! He said it's two week of down time and I'll still be pink. It seems to give the best result for complexion qnd severe acne scars.
  10. I don't have box scar but mostly rolling scars and some ice picks. When he did his consultation, he mentioned mostly rolling scars and icepick as well. Rolling scars saw the most improvement and some icepick. My bruising has improve so it's easier to judge the improvement. I see 40% improvement on some scars on my cheeks. Again I'm 2 weeks out so I don't know if it's the swelling or not. I think subcision should help with all type of scars since it free the tether scars up. That's going to
  11. Post 2 weeks update. I feel like this is the most significant improvement. 20-25% in my cheek. I still have some bruising on my cheek where the Taylor Liberator was performed. Area where there are fat loss seems to fill in nicely. It's sorta weird to touch my cheeks and feel the tenderness/sculptra
  12. Yea he did. I'm more bruise and tender on one side he did it on. The sider with liberator, I'm more plump up. It could be due to liberator or the filler. I think around 15-20% total improvement being conservative for 2 treatments for all type of scars. I have severe acne or so some area improve more than others up to 30% in rolling scars area. I still have splotchy skin so I'm hoping a chemabrasion after my 3rd subcisions would fix uneven skin tone and scars
  13. @49ersFan Thanks! I'm still swollen on the right side of my cheek with some bruising. I suspect it's due to the Taylor liberator.If you are concern with the bruising or pain, maybe you can ask for the cannula subcision. @cali_scars Via email. He doesn't charge anything for it. He will provide you with the treatment plan and you can coordinate with the office manager for the pricing. I didn't drive to do consultation either. I'm planning to do one more subcision with phenol cross, sculptra, m
  14. @cautiouslyhopeful It's a new tool he used for subcision. It's called "Taylor Liberator" @beautifulambition did talk about it in forum thread. Just do a search. Here is a video of it on youtube I think I'm the first patient he tested it out on.
  15. I had my second subcision with Phenol Cross, sculptra filler (1st) and microneeding. I'm more swollen and bruise than last time even a week out. Dr Rullan explained it's due to the sculptra. He did tried a liberator tool on one side of the cheek instead of cannula needle. He switched to cannula for the other side and other when I felt it was more painful than cannula.