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  1. Ok finally an update. For me i would say it is definitely helping. I have had very oily skin for a long time and i started finding that washing my face with any type of soap, no matter how gentle, or acne wash made my skin more oily as any of these will irritate you skin some causing more oil production. My routine now is just wash my face with very hot water morning and night. Sometime i wash with hot water when i get home from work if my skin has been very oily. Then i use my enlux 415 lig
  2. I just received my 415nm blue light. I did not buy the hybrid because the wavelength of the red light seemed to low. I started a thread on my progress. Just used it the first time today. here is the thread, i will try to keep it updated to let people know the progress. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Enlux-415...nt-t207699.html
  3. I purchased an Enlux 415 nm blue light after looking around at various products. I ordered online late Tuesday night from http://www.intelligentacnetreatment.com It shipped by USPS, and received it in the mail on Saturday. At first look i didnt think the LEDs would put off a lot of light, but it is surprisingly bright, you definitely cannot look straight into these things. About me. Im a 32 year old Male, with oily skin. My acne for the last several years has been mild to moderate. I foun
  4. Well after noticing so many with very good results from this light treatment, i think im about to order the lights. Ive always noticed sun light helps clear my face. Any time i go to the beach my face gets very clear. Ive heard these lights are available directly from Enlux, but i did not see them on their website. Does anyone know the product number? Also the science behind this is very solid. Its been known for a long time that low wavelength light in the uv range kills bacteria. Actual
  5. Update! I just went to Wal-Mart tonight and found the 8oz bottle for $6.49 I got the last one they had, but im glad to see they are carring it. I think Acnefree is a big seller. Even the kits were almost sold out, only a few left. Im glad i got the last big bottle of step 1. Its been well over a month now, and still very clear and much less oily. I still have some oil, but ive learned its not near as bad looking when your face is clear.
  6. Update! Ive been doing the Acnefree step 1 twice a day for a month now with amazing results. For me its worked better than anything ive ever tried. Its also helped with oil control. My face is much less oily now. But in the last week ive only had maybe 2 or 3 small white heads, no other pimples at all. Parts of my face are starting to get that real smooth complexion. Something i havent seen on myself in many years. And its nice that its inexpensive with the large 8oz bottle sold individ
  7. Its working good for me. I only use step 1, the purifying cleanser see my other post about this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=115918 CVS pharmacy sells a large bottle of the step 1 BP cleanser for about $8.00 Im sure you can find it other places too. Its really helped me
  8. I think since i already have oily skil, using all 3 steps maid my skin even more oily. I dont need a moisturizer. Got plenty already!
  9. Im 30 years old, and finally found something that works for me. Ive had acne since about 16, was sever when i was younger, and has been mild to moderate for about the last 10 years. Ive also had very..VERY oily skin. A friend of mine recomended AcneFree (which is basically a Proactive knock off). But he said only use the Step 1 Purifying Cleanser. He had pretty bad acne but has been clear for some time now. Step 1 is a Benzoyl-Peroxide cleanser (2.25%, so its faily mild) I had been using
  10. njacobs stated: Is a totally false statement too. B-5 works great for me, ive had no signs of side effects. The doctors ive talked to said there should be no side effects. Yet it could be some of the doctors in the medical classes im taking are wrong. there are many studies in the use of B-5 for things other than acne.
  11. just make your own proactive. you can buy all the individual products at any pharmacy. Clean & Clear makes a wash called Deep pore cleanser, its the grainy stuff just like in proactive. Then buy a BP wash and a 2.5%BP lotion. By doing this, I can get a 2 month supply for about $12.00
  12. Actually there have been many studies on B vitamins, including B-5, at high dosage and there have been no signs of side effects with one exception, and thats diarrhea. Here are 2 examples. B vitamins have been used for years to treat arthritis and depression. Studies on these have used as much as 3 grams per day. No side effects have been reported. True though that there has not been long term studies on a dosage as high as 10 grams per. However a doctor i talked to said B vitamins are w
  13. I just want to keep this post alive because these products have helped clear my face completely!! Clear & Clear Deep pore cleanser and continuous Control works wonders for me. Here is my daily routine: Morning: wash with a gentle cleanser (i use purpose) and then wash with the C&C Continuous Control. I rub in the continuous control for about 30 seconds, then let it stay on my face for another 30 seconds. Night(about 1 hour before bed), i wash with the C&C Deep Pore Clea
  14. Diarrhea is about the only side-effect B-5 will give, however it usually goes away after a while. If it last more than a week, lower you dosage of B-5. B-5 will work though, it will greatly reduce oil production which results in less acne.