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  1. Green tea products that are a form of serum helps the skin heal alot. Look up Green tea serum to see some options.

  2. I don't know if there is an expiration date but I had Restylane injected a few months ago and the nurse kept my vile (she said they keep them in the fridge for 6 months). It was great because I ended up going back and she injected a few more scars that had not responded well.
  3. Who is the seller? I am doing a Jessners right now and it's taking me about 7 days to peel. The skin underneath is very tender and quite red. How would anyone's skin have time to heal doing the peel that often? If I remember right, I believe I took me a month or so for the red skin to heal.
  4. Wait a minute.. There have been a lot of people who have seen improvement by using this treatment, including me. For some people it takes more time.
  5. My scars seem to look worse when I have dry skin but I don't know about it causing scars. =)
  6. trieditall, For me it doesn't work that way. After I apply the filler I cannot add foundation or concealer over it or I find that it moves (even after I let it set). I do add power at times at that seems to be okay. Hopefully it doesn't work this way for everyone.
  7. I've been using this stuff for a few years and wont ever be without it. I found out about it through someone's post on the board. My guess is, it was probably you Denise. You are right, it really does help to fill in scars. It takes some trial and error to get it right but well worth it.
  8. No, I don't mean just on her scars. It looks to me like bettercomplextions is insinuating this woman put 100% TCA on her whole face. http://cgi.ebay.com/Drs100-TCA-100-Glycoli...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. I actually have some 100% TCA from another seller (I forget the exact name right now) but the seller was recommended by people on the board. It is probably about a year and half old and was told they have a shelf life of about a year. However, I was hoping to get a better price than I did before but thanks to your post I think I will continue to go with what I know and like. It's interesting to see that the person in the pictures put 100% TCA all over her face.
  10. Hmmm, I can see why she is selling it so cheap.
  11. Dazarooni, Why do you think it's not 100% TCA?
  12. I would say this product has definitely helped even out some of my deeper scars but I will not use it anymore. My deeper scars are very new (within 6 months) Every time I use this product I break out. The last time, I had a pretty significant breakout..though, I only used it as a spot treatment on about an inch of my face and I broke out horribly. Since I was only applying it to a small area, I didn't think I would breakout on places I didn't even apply the product. The whole point of using this
  13. I don't know about this product causing cancer but I do believe it goes into your blood stream. This product caused me to breakout in places I didn't even apply the product. I really like the Apeel but cannot afford the breakouts it's causing. Instead, I am using the Jessners and I am loving it. I use a toothpick to apply the jessners to some of my deeper scars and they are improving greatly + no breakouts.
  14. Hi Troy, I am so glad to hear that you are clearing up. Looks like soy is the culprit? I had a one specific blood test just for my hormones. It tested my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), testosterone, plasma, and other things like ovarian function (which you don't need since you are a man) )etc... To make a long story short, I pretty much had everything checked except allergies. (I would like to get my allergies tested one of these days) The other blood tests even told me what supplements I
  15. Hey Troy, Yes, you may really want to check into getting hormonal testing done. I had my hormones tested months ago due to a huge breakout of cysts (I never had cysts before) My tests results were pretty shocking as I had a severe hormonal imbalance (I posted about my experience a month or two back, in case you want to take a look). I've now managed to clear my skin of cysts completely (through my thyroid medication and progesterone cream) but I still get little white pimples if I don't watch