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  1. How would you even know if you have a lot of collagen?
  2. There is another thread entitled Asian and Fraxel (or something like that) where a couple of Indian posters I think. You should go there and read some of the information... I think just about all of them have hyperpigmented after Fraxel. They are using some kind of cream to treat it. I think it goes away but takes a long time (up to 6 months). There is also another really (really) long thread about Fraxel and people there are more experienced, you should ask your question there. I am Asian also(
  3. ICEPICKS123 and SWC, The photos YOU posted are the SAME as the one on JULIE'S perfect complexion website. That's all I really have to say.
  4. Yeah, but if she's claiming that they are her photos of her progress when they aren't, she's misleading people into buy her products...so what's the purpose of showing her friggin success on Julie's products if they're fake?...damn you. Like I said I'm not trying to be a hater but just go to that link. Why would icepick's pics be on Julie's website?
  5. ANNIE FROM MIAMI or anyone else that knows the answer: What exactly is the importance of the density level? Do you want to treat worse scars at a higher density level?
  6. Okay....so I don't want to be a hater but about the whole FAKE photographs, I think they are definitely fake. The only reason I figured it out is because you all were talking about the peels,etc...and I was interested so I went to check out her products on perfectcomplexion.net. AND if you click under the TCA CROSS METHOD KIT and scroll down to the photos...it's the same one there. Here: http://perfectcomplexion.net/cart/index.ph...o&products_id=9 Let me clarify by saying that the photos on
  7. Thanks for answering all my questions Chi-girl. I was wondering for those of you that had hyperpigmentation problems, this is where the skin darkens right? Does this look like a slight tan? Or is it like a horrible obvious darkening? I am Chinese and I think my skin type is III-IV. I am seriously considering the fraxel procedure but this is the only thing that really scars me.
  8. Hi guys. Wow I'm so glad you started this thread.That's awesome that you got such great results. I had a consultation with Dr. Rohksar in NYC because I have some family over there but I also had a consultation with Dr. Parker in Colorado which is where I live. She does not have much experience with Asian patients at all since there are not many of us here. In fact when I asked her, she was pretty honest and said that she's only treated 2 Asian patients with Fraxel and both had pigmentation prob
  9. Hi guys, I have started on the TCA cross journey and I realize it take a really long time to see good results. I read several times about using Tazorac to treat acne scarring and then this new thing about massaging the skin for collagen growth. Can you guys tell me a little more about this? Obviously, all of these treatments take about a year to see good improvements, but I guess it's worth it if it really works. I originally wanted to do Fraxel but it's just too expensive for me. PLEASE PLEASE
  10. Well I've been reading a lot about Fraxel and TCA cross but this is the first I've heard about Tazorac and massaging acne scars. Has anyone actually gotten results from doing this long term?
  11. I also had a consultation with Dr. Rohksar several months ago and I am Chinese also. When I asked him about the hypo/er pigmentation, he kind of waved it off like it wasn't a big deal at all. Basically he said, so what you'll just look a little tan for awhile. He was part of that group that tested the laser first in California. He said he's tested on a lot of Asian skin and about 10% hyperpigment which is about the normal %.
  12. Your results are great! Good luck. How much does perfect complexion charge for the 99%? I'm interested in trying the TCA peel out. Can you all educate me on this? What percentage to use, how often, where to order, downtime, redness,etc... Thanks
  13. Where did you purchase your TCA from and how long did you press it onto your skin before it frosted?
  14. Pocket Aces: Yes, I used alcohol to clean the area first. Ok, so I tried the 100% from mytcapeel on 2 scars like a month ago and they've filled in a little bit. Last night, I tried it on about 25 scars on my forehead where almost all my scars are. Most of them frosted and itched a little bit. I have some questions: 1) How long are you keeping the toothpick in the scar to get it to frost? For some of mine even after 10 seconds and repeated it wouldn't scar. 2) When it frosts, does it noticea
  15. Where did you order your TCA from. I ordered the 100% from mytcapeel.com and takes a lot of work for it to frost so I was just wondering.